Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th October 2020 Written Update

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th October 2020 Written Update
Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th October 2020 Episode Written Update

Sindhu calls Parmeet & informs that Virat has leaped from that hill. As shortly as Parmeet gets this info, she shouts the name of Virat loudly & comes in a position to lose her senses.

Sant & the rest are surprised to watch Parmeet’s behaviour & inquire her what happened after that she named Virat’s name in such a distracted tone. Parmeet informs them trembling that Virat leaped from that hill.

Sant is stunned to hear this & he calls his own dept. to inquire it. He imparts convenience to Parmeet, informing that she needn’t worry he’ll locate out things quite shortly. Heer states that she also wants to pass away with Virat.

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Mahi tries to calm down Heer by informing that at the least think regarding them. Mahi informs her not to take (2) such a step for Soumya. Heer states that fine she’ll not leap however she’ll definitely locate out regarding Virat. Preeto remembers Soumya seeing Heer’s condition because once Soumya also attempted to accomplish all this for Harman.

Harak informs Preeto that like his own son Virat also won’t come from this abyss. Preeto inquire Harak not to say such things. Harak requests where is Heer. Preeto states that she was searching for Virat & they must also go with her. They follow Heer. Daljeet states that this information is true that Virat has leaped from hill.

Parmeet’s condition worsens after hearing this information. Sant calls his own police enforce & requests them to locate Virat. Parmeet states that she’ll also go with Sant & his own police enforce. Simran tries to pacify Parmeet. She states Daljeet & Sant going to locate Virat shortly. Gurminder prays to God for the safety of Virat.

Shano, seeing the smoke coming from Soham’s room & imagines just how it’s coming. She goes to see Soham’s room & is stunned to watch Soham doing havan & requests what he’s doing. Soham informs her that he’s come to meet his own dad in jail & that his own condition is quite bad so he’s doing this havan so that he could delete his own dad’s suffering.

& states that however shortly he’ll take (2) revenge on Harak & Preeto & make his own dad’s heart relaxed. He informs Shaano that Preeto, Harak & Soumya had changed him over his own dad in his own childhood however as of now that he’s come to really know their own fact, he’ll not be relieved till Harak & Preeto gain the punishment of their own deeds. Shaano welcomes his own call.

Furthermore, Soham informs Shaano that Heera’s protector Virat has leaped into the ditch. & as of now that a defender of Heer was lowered his own work (5) became even easier. Shaano laughs in this & states that Heer turns out to be extra dangerous than Soumya who swallows his own love even quicker than Soumya.

Heer goes to the trench. Sant & Daljeet also try to locate Virat. Shaano & Soham have sweet within the happiness of Virat’s demise. Rohan feels disappointed to watch this.

Within the forest, Heer sees a human like Virat & imagines that he’s Virat, her heart feels a little comforted that Virat is safe. However shortly she comes to really know that he’s not Virat however someone else. Heer breaks down & only remembers Virat & his own proposal.

Preeto states that they’ve discovered as much as they could however as of now when Virat can’t be identified, they must go. Heer states in case she wants to go afterwards she could go however she’ll not go anywhere without detecting Virat. Sant comes there.

He informs Harak that in case anything happens to his own son he’ll not leave them. Heer states what are you speaking, nothing going to happen to Virat, he’ll return shortly. Heer sums that Sant must devote all his own enforce to locate Virat.

Harak informs Sant that now they must only target on Virat & as shortly as any information related Virat comes just let him really know too. Sant nodes in yes & leaves. Parmeet states that in case Virat loves Heer so much that he could leap into the abyss for her, afterwards she’s prepared to gain Virat wedded to Heer. Sait comes house, Parmeet requests in case Virat has been identified. Sant states not yes. Parmeet begins crying

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