Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th September 2020 Episode Written Update: Virat put his life in danger for Heer’s friendship

The daily episode begins with Heer talks to Soumya & informs that she felt quite bad when she has been  applying turmeric on Virat.  Because it has been the function of his own marriage & she can’t watch him with anybody else.

Heer states that everybody she loves leaves her.  She & Nutan also left her.  Heer cries.

Harak is angry & states that he’ll murder Soham, just how dare he threaten to murder Heer.  Preeto informs him to calm down & informs him to take (2) a call with a cool mind.

Shano & Soham are quite happy.  Shano states he did well that he didn’t let Preeto slap him.  Shano states her heart is relaxed & peaceful today because today she wins & Preeto loses.

Shano begins swinging in happiness.  Soham states he could clearly watch just how happy she’s.

Here Heer is studying & Virat comes to her room.  He calls Heer.  Heer is stunned to watch him & requests why he’s come here.  Virat states to meet her.

Heer states she doesn’t need to meet him.  Virat states however he wants to be her friend.

Heer states she’s not interested in his own friendship.  & requests him to leave.  Virat states that in case it’s so, he’ll take (2) a photo of Saumya.

He takes her photo & moves out of the room.  Heer goes after him & stops him.  Virat bows in her ft & requests her to accept his own friendship.

Soham calls Jharana & reports that her fiancé is not in his own room.  Soham holds the phone & informs Shano that the work (5) is finished.  Shano states quite great.  Soham states afterwards she must go to her room.  She states that she can’t go because Rohan is supervising his own room.  Soham states that he’ll go to the kitchen so that Rohan comes after him & afterwards she could go to her room comfortably.

Shano states fine.  Shano moves out of the room & locates her spouse who requests her what she has been doing in Soham’s room.

Shano states only talks & leaves from there.  Her spouse imagines the issue is something else.

Jharana goes to Virat’s room & locates that he’s not within the room & she calls Sant, Parmeet & Daljeet.

They inquire her what happened.  She informs them that Virat is not in his own room & has gone to meet Heer.  & as of now she’ll query him.

Heer states that she could no longer trust Virat nor accept his own friendship.  Heer states she wants him to stay with Jharana.  Virat requests for her scarf & ties on his own eye.
& states that in case he approaches home in such state afterwards he’ll give up his own stubbornness.  Virat begins walking blindfolded on the road.
Heer stops him & informs him not to accomplish so.  Virat states, afterwards be his own friend.
Heer states she’s to go house because Preeto doesn’t really know she’s here.  Virat states afterwards they must call Preeto & inquire.  He calls Preeto & requests. Daily episode end.
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