Siasat arranges burial of unclaimed Muslim dead bodies,4730 buried so far

Hyderabad(Hyd): The demise of a loved 1 & the last rites are a family (4)’s private matters. &, it’s extremely painful when a family (4) can’t say their own final goodbye. The same happens with almost all this homeless (or) unclaimed bodies.

Also, ones that are either buried in ones (or) taken by medical colleges as subjects to do experiments on.

However this company has come to rescue of these unclaimed bodies assuring them respectable homage. From 2003, The LD Millat Fund, are granting burials to these unclaimed bodies. Till now, the company has helped bury 4,730 bodies.

All this Muslim passed bodies are given proper funerals with the final ablution & prayer.

Even during this COVID times, the NGO has given burials to almost 100 such untaken Muslim bodies.

Whenever any PS (police station) in Hyderabad(Hyd) & Secundrabad gain any unclaimed body, the LD Millat Fund gets a call for the burial. In times when a burial could cost about INR 4,000, the company gives it free of cost.