Suburban voters fuel Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON — In case you need to really know just how Joe Biden can be tied in Florida however ahead in Pennsylvania by 9 points amongst likely voters, per our new NBC Information/Marist polls, we’ve 2 answers for you.

1, Miami isn’t Philadelphia — either in size (or) demographic composition.

& 2, the Florida(FL) suburbs aren’t the Pennsylvania(PA) suburbs, specially those about Philly.

Just look in the numbers: Awhile Biden leads Trump by 15 points within the Miami region (56 per cent to 41 per cent), he’s up by a whopping 67 points in Philadelphia proper (82 per cent to 15 per cent), & by 28 points within the Philly burbs (62 per cent to 34 per cent).

So Biden is winning by a greater margin within the Philadelphia suburbs than he’s within the Miami area.

The other set of numbers: Awhile Biden leads Trump by nine points amongst likely Florida(FL) voters from big cities (53 per cent to 44 per cent), he’s up by over 50 points amongst those from Pennsylvania(PA)’s big cities (75 per cent to 22 per cent).

& awhile Biden is up by six points total in Florida(FL)’s suburbs (52 per cent to 46 per cent), he’s ahead by 19 points within the Pennsylvania(PA) burbs (58 per cent to 39 per cent).

Joe Biden’s largest demographic strengths are with Black voters & whites (both college-educated & non-college — compared with 4 yrs. back), along with in huge metropolitan suburbs.

So it makes a plenty of sense, as CNN’s Harry Enten points out, why Biden might look stricter in Pennsylvania(PA), Michigan(MI) & Wisconsin(WI) – & even places like Georgia(GA).

& why he’s weaker, on average, in Florida(FL), specially when he’s underperforming amongst Latinos from 4 yrs. back.

However a caveat on the Latino vote: There’s a substantial difference between Florida(FL) Latinos & those from that South-west.

Otherwise, Arizona(AZ) wouldn’t be in play for Biden & the Democrats.

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