China Earthquake: Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, A Huge Earthquake Hits China

Coronation tremors were felt on Monday(3 February 2023) in southwest China. Following the earthquake, the Chinese authorities swung into action and rescue operations were initiated. Coronation tremors were felt Monday in China confronting Corona. Following the earthquake, the government are started. The news agency PTI quoted the China Earthquake Networkers Center (CENC) as stating that … Read more

Earthquake : 3.6 Magnitude Earthquake Shaked Granada Hills, LA

earthquake la

A 3.6-magnitude earthquake shaked Granada Hills Tuesday night(21 Jan 2023). Over 2,900 people told feeling the earthquake, which struck around 11:41 p.m on Tuesday. as per the United States (U.S.) Geological Survey (USGS). The Los Angeles(LA) Police stated they did not see any damage or injury reports till then. Citizens reported feeling the earthquake in … Read more