Taylor Swift Reacts to Sophie Turner Amid Rumour ‘Mr Perfectly Fine’ is About Joe Jonas

Today, Taylor Swift declared an amazing new song from her unreleased vault of songs. This song, “Mr Perfectly Fine,” has been written in 2008 & the lyrics possibly show that the song has been written regarding Taylor‘s ex Joe Jonas, according to some fan theories.

The next song, that has been written in 2008, has been declared, Joe‘s spouse, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, responded to the song on her Insta. Taylor thereafter responded, & we’ve the back & forth for you to watch right here.

1st, Sophie published the following sms on her Insta Post, demonstrating no tough emotions over the quite old song possibly being regarding her spouse.

Imagine Joe Jonas thinking he was in the clear once Taylor started writing songs about other guys and then 13 years later she was like “actually let’s circle back”.

Jake Gyllenhaal watching joe Jonas right now no because she’s so funny sending joe Jonas a baby blanket and then releasing a bunch of decade-old songs dragging him less than a year later lmao.

Taylor uses Mr. 27 times in #MrPerfectlyFine which is how long it took for him to break up with her “I cannot with this woman she wasn’t lying when she said she was unhinged”.

Joe Jonas‘ name is always trending on Twitter with a large number of tweets with his own name joining him to Taylor Swift‘s brand-new song that which she wrote in the yr 2008, “Mr. Perfectly Fine.”

In case you don’t really know, Taylor is preparing to declare Fearless in Taylor’s Version this week & has some of the unreleased “From that Vault” songs on the album. “Mr. Perfectly Fine” has been declared today as an amazing & fans beliefs the 2008 track is regarding Joe Jonas.

Joe‘s spouse, Sophie Turner, also responded to Taylor‘s latest song. In case you don’t really know, Taylor & Joe dated through a decade back & she really disclosed a regret regarding their own relationship.

Watch what Sophie Turner wrote regarding Taylor‘s new song, that numerous belief is regarding her spouse! Taylor ran me over with her car but then drove me to the hospital and nursed me back to health with mr. perfectly fine.

So how many times have y’all played,
“Mr. Perfectly Fine” today? Me? I counted about 40… still going..

If this is the kind of obliteration Joe Jonas is getting, I think Jake Gyllenhaal should go into witness protection when Taylor releases vault songs from Red.

Taylor sending joe jonas and sophie baby presents was her saying sorry in advance for what’s about to come out of the vault some of y’all forgot, how taylor and joe has been on good terms for a while, also taylor adores sophie and got too. stop being childish, oh my god.