Taylor Swift’s ‘Hey Stephen’, Who is This All About?

Taylor Swift’s Fearless was out for well over ten years, but as a result of this re-recorded song’s issued on Friday 9th April, a few fresher fans are interested in the story behind one of those tunes on the record!

“Hey Stephen” is just one of those tunes on the album, and yes: it was written with respect to Stephen! “I can’t help it if you look like an angel / Can’t help it when I wanna kiss you in the rain,” she sings about the swoon-y crush tune.

The course was really written for Stephen Barker Liles by the nation music duo Love.

At the moment, they had been an opening act in her Fearless Tour far back since 2008. Taylor had left a secret message from the album booklet that told “Love & Theft,” affirming the concept.

A year after, Stephen spill the beans that Taylor suggested she composed a song. “She did not say just like,’I wrote a wonderful song about you,’ so I am just thinking, ‘What can I do?

‘ Since she does not actually write very many pleasant songs about men. I was very relieved when it was a wonderful song, & it is in fact among the nicest things anyone’s ever done for me personally,” he said The Twist .

In reality, he composed a song back Try to Make It Anyway”! “Me and Taylor actually hit it off and became very close if we were on tour. We had a true psychological connection.

We spoke on the telephone a good deal. She was very cool. 1 evening she called me up and was like,’HeyI composed a song about you’ I was like,’Dude, that is really funny since I wrote a song about you a week! ”’ he advised Taste of Nation .