Taylor Swift’s New Song “Mr. Perfectly Fine” From-the-Vault is entirely about Joe Jonas

This yr. isn’t truly turning out like I although it’d, so I am over happy to have a return to 2008 with Taylor Swift. The singer just declared the other “from-the-vault” song from her new upcoming album.

Fearless in Taylor’s Version, & yup, like “You All Over Me,” this 1 is also regarding her ex-bf, Joe Jonas. Taylor understood she has been stirring the pot when she stopped this song on Wed in the morning.

The 31-yrs-old published on her Insta post, “Me in 2020: personal life is chill, writing songs based in fiction to prevent drama, thinking pretty grown-up,” speaking regarding her 2 albums the previous year.

At some point is so funny to me The only good thing that came out of dating the Jonas brothers is taylena Sophie Turner bopping along to Taylor Swift while she absolutely obliterates Joe Jonas:

Evermore and Folklore. She afterwards compared that to as of now: “My 2008 music from that vault, in a goblin voice: “REELEEEEEEASE MR PERFECTLY FIIIIIIIINE.”

Appreciate god Taylor listened to that goblin voice for, not only is “Mr. Perfectly Okay” a bop, however, it’s also bringing me right return to 2008 with all of its mentions to Taylor’s relation with Joe.

Taylor & Joe dated from about Jul to Oct 2008, right in time for Taylor to write some of the pretty iconic songs regarding him on Fearless. & awhile she did not declare.

“Mr. Perfectly Okay” at the moment, it clearly fits right into Taylor’s Joe Jonas canon. Let us dive in, shall we? As of now, in case you’re a right Swiftie, that 3rd line going to be all too familiar.

It sounds a lot such a line from “Last Kiss”. “You informed me you loved me/So why you went far away?”) & “Forever & All the time” (“You looked me within the eye & informed me you loved me”.

The 2 songs historically well-known to be regarding Joe. If this is the kind of obliteration Joe Jonas is getting, I think Jake Gyllenhaal should go into witness protection when Taylor releases vault songs from Red.

Jake getting hit by the uncut version of all too well so you’re telling me that taylor uses the word “mr” 27 times in mr perfectly fine which joe jonas and taylor broke up in a 27 second phone call.

Bye that woman Fearless was written about Joe Jonas and all these new songs from that album are about him. The Red album was mostly about Jake Gyllenhaal and their breakup.

No ex of hers is afraid of nothing. Taylor is not that important, stop gassing up for nothing. The fact that taylor and selena said “fuck the jonas brothers”.

Ever since taylor swift discovered what a surprise drop is the world has been far from perfectly fine. sophie turner listening to taylor swift obliterate joe jonas with decade old songs.