Tricks and Techniques to Try When Playing Valorant

Valorant is one of the most popular first-person shooters nowadays. At first glance, it might look like a sci-fi Counter-Strike, but those that played both games will tell you that they’re only slightly alike. Valorant is a much more complex game, with many different characters (agents) wielding different abilities and weapons, even though the ultimate goal of the game is the same as CS – kill your opponents to win the round.

Since the game is far more complex than some other similar titles, mastering the strategies and techniques is much more important if you want to play a good game. On that note, we wanted to share with you a few tips on how you can become better by simply implementing these into your gameplay. Naturally, you’ll still have to spend a lot of time in the game, playing and practicing if you want to reach Shroud-like skills, but it’ll be easier if you do it this way.

1. Talk To Your Teammates

This is not a trick, per se, but it’s an important thing that you have to remember. Talking to your teammates is the best tactic that you can utilize in this game. A key component of success in Valorant is the strategy, and the only way to execute a strategy is if all of the team members are on the same page.

Discuss your strategy with your teammates before and during the game. Plan the game beforehand, assign your roles and choose your agents, and when the match starts, communicate with each other about the enemy position, movement, etc.

Also, if your strategy fails, talk to each other and figure out what you should do in order to win the game.


2. Enter Practice Range Before Every Game

Sure, strategy is important, but being able to shoot your opponents in the head is much more important. The best way to improve your accuracy is by playing, but if you’re pushing rank and you don’t want to lose points, we’d suggest entering The Range and shooting for about 15 minutes to get all warmed up.

With time, you’ll develop better aim, and you’ll become a better player – it’s as simple as that. The aim is about muscle memory, so, the only way to train it is by shooting and aiming as much as you can.

3. Try Out Every Gun

The best way to become great at shooting a particular gun is by using that gun. Now, it’s safe to say that there are only a handful of people that are equally as good with every gun, and that’s primarily because they stick they only use one gun.

Instead, try and use every gun and use it until you master it – or at least until you get a sense of its recoil and rate of fire. That way, whatever situation you’re in, you’re going to make the most of it.

Unlike some other games, Valorant guns don’t have horizontal recoil for the first nine bullets, so try and be as quick as possible.


4. Never Jump While Shooting

Unless you get a kick out of missing the target – never jump while shooting. There is a time and a place where you should jump, but that time and place is not during a gunfight. You might get lucky from time to time, and that sudden adrenaline rush will get your blood pumping, but most of the time, you’re going to get clapped.

Instead, try crouching while you shoot. This will lower the recoil and improve your accuracy and give you a better chance of eliminating the opponent.

5. Stop Reloading

Now, this is not a to-do trick, as much as it not-to-do trick. Now, this is a tough habit to kick. If you’ve played PUBG or CoD – you’re probably reloading even after you’ve shot a single bullet. However, if you ask any Valorant coach from, they’ll tell you there’s no need for constant reloading in this game. If you can kill your opponent with one headshot – you don’t need two bullets in the clip.

Also, reloading makes noise. So, if you’re left 1-on-1, don’t reload and give out your position just so you can get a few extra rounds in the clip.


6. Battle Smokes With Shotguns

If you’re playing against a team and they’re constantly smoking, the best way to take them out is to use shotguns. If they’re frequently smoking, just camp their smoke site and blast them with a shotty. You can even spam through the smoke in hopes of getting someone, although that may not be the best strategy, as you’ll give out your position and they might roll around and kill you instead.

7. Buy Weapons As A Team

Valorant is a team game, so it’s not wise to hoard your money and not share it. If one of your teammates has lost its gear and cash – buy them a gun. You have a better chance of winning the round if all of you are properly equipped. Also, if you’re a good teammate – your teammates will be good to you, too.


8. Flash For Your Teammates, Not For Yourself

Once again, some habits are just too hard to kick if you’ve been playing some other FPSs before Valorant. However, if you’re the agent that’s wielding flashes, instead of throwing them for yourself – flash for them. You don’t have a gun in your hand – they do. So, instead of wasting precious seconds on switching from a flash to a gun – flash for your teammates that already have a gun in hand and let them get a kill.

9. Always Run With A Knife In Your Hand

You’re faster with a knife in your hand. If you need to move from one place to another, it would be much better if you were to holster your gun and pull out a knife. You’re going to move quicker and reach your destination faster. Just don’t forget to pull out your gun once you reach your destination.



There you have it. Those were some simple tricks and techniques that you can try when playing Valorant. Now, we can’t promise that you’ll become as good as Sentinal or Amaterasu – but you’ll certainly get better!