Telangana theater employees urge government to reopen theatres for sake of livelihoods

Hyderabad(Hyd): The Telangana (TL) Cinema Theaters Employees Union along & the Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) inquired the Telangana (TL) govt to start a viable program for the re-opening of theaters in order to protect the livelihood of large number of employees within the movie sector.

Multiple employees staged a dissent in RTC cross roads in Musheerabad insisting that the govt re-open theaters. Filmmaker Natti Kumar stated that the central & state govts have given relaxations to all areas, & inquired why the same is not being extended to cinema halls.  “Large number of employees from that theater industry & their own families are struggling from 6 mos. All this theaters in this city have to re-open immediately,” stated one such protestors.

The dissent has been commanded by CITU gen. secretary G. Venkatesh, who stated, “Issues were took to the attention of the Minister of Cinematography in the last for a resolution on labour problems, however he stated he’d not got any clearance from that govt for almost 3 mos. here is a status where these film theater labour have to feed 1 food a day to their own families.”

The Telangana (TL) cinema theaters employees’ union state president M Marenna stated that there is a  significant no. of employees functioning in theatres those have not got govt help. He stated that numerous within the sector “don’t know why the people was proactively encouraged to hit hotels & gain kids back in educational institution. Marenna also pointed out that citizens are also back in offices, awhile theater labour aren’t permitted to return to work (5).

“The movie sector is undergoing massive losses, just so theater employees, stars, crew & creative could earn something during the worrying time,” said M Marenna.

The other star, who has been in the dissent, stated, “In case it’s OK to go to go to a crowded air port & sit on a plane for hours, it should be ok to go to a movie show”. Theaters in this city are presently closed however the residents also theater labour are awaiting for the govt to re-open the cinema halls with all safety precautions.

Awhile majority of the operations were permitted within the nation to reopen, records of the govt allowing cinema halls to re-open were popularly spread over different social platforms.

A record has said that the Ministry of House Affairs has instructed the re-opening of theaters from Oct one with stringent rules in place. The Press Info Bureau (PIB) although debunked those records & affirmed that no such call was taken.