There might never be a ‘silver bullet’ for Covid-19: WHO chief

Geneva, August 3 : The Globe Health Company (WHO) chief on Mon. stated though a no. of vaccines are as of now in stage 3 clinical trials, there is no “silver bullet” at the time, & there might never be for COVID-19-19.

WHO Director-Gen. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus informed a virtual press conference that for as of now, stopping COVID-19-19 outbreaks come down to the basics of people health & disease curb, involving checking, isolating & treating sufferers, & tracing & quarantining their own contacts, Xinhua recorded.

“For persons, it’s regarding maintaining social distance, wearing a mask, cleansing hands frequently & coughing safely far from remaining — Accomplish it all,” he pushed.

The WHO chief informed journalists that most citizens within the globe remain susceptible to the infection, even in regions that have experienced serious outbreaks.

In the last weeks, the WHO chief has repeatedly stressed that though the globe has turned, the basic steps required to suppress transmission & safeguard lives haven’t — locate, isolate, test & care for instances, & trace & isolation their own contacts.

“Nations & communities that have followed this advice carefully & steadily have finished well, either in preventing large-scale outbreaks — like Cambodia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Vietnam, & islands within the Pacific & Caribbean — (or) in bringing huge outbreaks under curb, like Canada, China, Germany & South Korea,” he’d stated.

On Jul 31, the WHO Urgency Committee on COVID-19-19 met & reviewed the current epidemic, & on the basis of the advice of the Committee, Tedros declared that the COVID-19-19 outburst still constituted a People Health Urgency of Intl. Worry.