This Hyderabad NGO is running healthcare centres in mosques

Hyderabad(Hyd): Proving that mosques could play a larger character beyond merely serving as places of worship, a Hyderabad(Hyd)-based NGO has opened a society health-care center in a mosque in this city to specifically cater to the health needs of ladies & kids within the slums.

Contributing Hand Foundation (HHF), in collaboration with US-based Help for Education & Economic Development (devt) (SEED), has opened the clinic in Masjid Mohammed-e-Mustafa, in Wadi-e-Mahmood, a slum region in Rajendranagar mandal.

Exclusive for Ladies & Kids

The exclusive ladies & child center located on the 1st floor is catering to a cluster of 31 odd slums in Rajendranagar Mandal, covering a public of regarding 5 lakh.

This is the 2nd society health center to be opened in a mosque by this HHF. It’s already racing 1 within the old city of Hyderabad(Hyd).

The NGO embarked on the new initiative realising the want to target on the health-care needs of ladies & kids, specially during this ongoing COVID-19-19 epidemic, that has made things worse for ladies & kids’s health.

COVID-19, lock-down induced joblessness, loss of income, coupled with closure of educational institutions that service mid-day meals & anganwadis, that give supplementary nutrition, has only added further to lack of sufficient nutrition in kids & ladies & extra so carrying ladies within the last quite a few mos, states the HHF.

Aside from hunger & malnutrition, lack of accessibility to basic healthcare solutions within the people & private healthcare domain has made healthcare inaccessible & costly for the weaker sections, particularly maternal health for carrying ladies, consequently health problems like anemia in ladies, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Ladies & immunisation solutions for kids were majorly compromised in the last quite a few mos.

The NGOs choose Wadi-e-Mahmood as the region lacks basic health-care facilities.

The ladies & child center in the mosque has an all-women tandem comprising a Sr. gen. physician, a child specialist, obstetrics & gynecology specialist, a dental surgeon, dietician, nurses, counselors & front desk help employees.

The center, called Rabia Clinic within the memory of the mom of one such principal donors, gives basic primary care in that ladies & kids could reach for seasonal illness & for health solutions like nebulisation, IV fluid replacement, injury dressings and so on. Free third-party lab solutions involving TIFA scans going to be given to carrying ladies from weaker sections throughout ante-natal period.

All sufferers coming to the clinic going to be assessed in a triage, that has trained counselors, who’re doing thermal testing & verifying oxygen saturation levels, & accessing the information in an ICMR-developed risk evaluation form that imparts scores on a scale of 1-10.

A dental chair with state of the art features was installed to carry out simple to medium level methods in ladies & kids like deleting dental carries, root canal methods and so on.

Aside from curative elements, the target is on preventative health to see for non-communicable diseases amongst ladies, anemia during this ante- & post-natal periods & malnutrition in kids.

Counselors & dieticians utilize a WHO suggested template to see blood stress, height, weight, waist circumference & family (4) biography to assess the total NCD score on a scale of 10. Those who score above four going to be counselled for weight loss, diet & physical exercise with early diagnosis & medication of NCDs like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, thyroid issues & different chronic health problems.

Similarly, kids going to be also assessed utilizing WHO suggested form to determine the extent of stunting & wasting & the ones who’re chronically malnourished going to be given protein supplements & mid-day food going to be given to 100 educational institution going kids under 10 yrs. in the mosque 3 times in a week to fill within the gap.

Kids going to be checked for immunisation & going to be vaccinated in due course in case identified not compliant. Iron supplements to ladies identified anaemic & nutritional supplements with vitamins going to be given to kids identified stunted & wasted using an exclusive Nutri Rehab Program.

Mujtaba Hasan Askari of the Contributing Hand Foundation stated the clinic has been catering to ladies & kids, irrespective of their own religion, caste & creed.

“Majority of the health problems faced by ladies & kids are being ignored within the current epidemic plus there is no target on preventative health that we intend to target on using this clinic in the masjid,” he stated.

The ladies & child clinic is fully COVID-19-compliant with special cabins for doctors protected with plastic curtains, glass rised tables to protect front desk employees, a triage in the entry point, pedestal-mounted sanitisers stands & huge exhaust fans for free flow of air around the overall space of the clinic & a separate awaiting region for sufferers coming to the clinic.

HHF has already being racing a society health center in Masjid-e-Ishaq in Nawab Saheb Kunta within the old city from Nov 2018.

The health center previous year presented yoga to support citizens fight non-communicable diseases. The company stated from yoga has been identified to be efficient in addressing non-communicable diseases, they made it part of the prescription.

The counselors in the clinic teach different asanas to the sufferers each alternate day apart from granting them YouTube links to follow yoga on their own mobile phones.