Tips For Growing Your TikTok Profile

TikTok is all the rage right now. Everyone and their grandma are on TikTok. Now, some of us spend an ungodly amount of time just endlessly scrolling through videos, looking for our daily dose of dopamine, while the others have something else in mind.

If you’re a part of the “others”, you probably want to become a creator on TikTok, and we believe a reasonably successful and famous one at that. Now, many will tell you all you need to do in order to get TikTok famous is to look really good and dance in front of the camera to the latest trending song, but that’s just jealousy speaking.

Sure, there are people on the platform that are famous for that reason only, but there are others that actually put out quality content, and we assume you want to be a part of that side of the family. If that’s the case, stick around for a few more minutes because we have some great tips for you!

1. Your Profile Picture Matters


You might not believe this, but your profile picture matters – a lot. It is not only platforms like Instagram that can benefit from an inviting and pleasant profile picture – TikTok does as well. So, put on your best face, bring on your A-game and snap that beautiful portrait for your profile pic.

Once you get it right – don’t change it. That picture will become synonymous with your brand, and that’s the critical part of growing your profile.

2. Find Your Niche


If you’re just blindly following trends, we have bad news for you – you’re never going to make it on TikTok. If you’re doing this, your feed is going to look like a chaotic mess, with no real message behind it. Now, we’re not saying there should be a message behind a dancing TikTok, but you do have to find a way to communicate your message to your audience, whatever that message may be.

If you’re a dancer – don’t make videos of you pointing at stuff and trying to do the same thing that Khaby does. Busting “life-hacks” is not what you do, and you shouldn’t do it. If you’re a dancer – stick to it. Try and ride the trend wave in some other way, don’t try and copy what the others are doing just because it’s popular.

3. Share, Share, Share


Cross-platform marketing is something you need to do if you want to grow your TikTok profile. Just take a look at the Instagram reels – it’s just TikToks! A social media giant, such as Instagram, had to go through some significant changes in order to keep up with the times, so you can, as well.

Just look at it – the same place where the Add button was is now dedicated to Reels, and we all know Reels are just reposted videos from TikTok, so why not make the most of it? Share your clips and videos on Instagram and Facebook and allow the audience that might not be following you on TikTok to cross over.

4. Play Around With Likes


Likes are a great way to help you reach the Trending page. Well, if we’re perfectly honest, they are the only thing that matters. Now, we all know that getting likes can be pretty hard if your page is not big enough. Sure, you could hope for one of your clips to blow up, but unless you’ve done something unique and trend-setting, the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

However, what you can do is pay a visit to sites like and give your videos a little nudge. Websites like these can give you a boost you might need to gain followers and likes organically. Just don’t overdo it because if you do – you might lose appreciation for the “actual” likes and followers once they keep coming. But, by all means, give yourself a little nudge in the right direction and watch your profile grow.

5. Keep It Short


Here’s the thing – no matter how fun your video is, nobody wants to spend more than 30 seconds looking at it. We, as a race, have regressed to a point where we share the attention span with aquarium fish. All jokes aside, TikTok is not the place for long videos – that’s for YouTube (and even they have introduced Shorts).

So, if you want to grow your profile and have people flock to you – keep your videos short and to a point. Why do you think those “Small waist, pretty face” TikToks have stayed so popular? It’s because they’re 5 seconds long, duh…

6. Popular Songs Are A Must


It doesn’t matter what kind of videos you upload to the platform – you have to use catchy audio. Now, you will be walking a thin line here, so be careful. You don’t want to end up using a song that’s been reused a billion times, or people will just skip past your video simply because they can’t stand to hear another beat of that same song.

On the other hand, you have to keep riding that trending train if you want to gain followers. Just make sure to keep an ear out for when the song becomes overused. At that point, it’s time to move on!

7. Post At The Right Time


This is universally true for every social media platform – you have to post at the right time. If you want to maximize the engagement and see your content thrive, you have to post it at peak times. To be fair, most people already know this, so try and avoid the most popular times, as those will be flooded with new content, and it will be too hard to stand out.

Instead, go for the second-best time to post according to where you or your followers live, and try to capitalize off of that. If you do this right – your page should be growing at a steady pace!


As you can see, TikTok is quite similar to the other social media platforms, at least in the way it operates. Naturally, none of these tips will be helpful if you don’t put out quality content, but on the other hand, quality content won’t do much without these tips, so try and find the perfect balance between the two.

We hope you’ve found this helpful and are already on your way to growing your TikTok page.