Tropical storm Noul makes landfall in Thailand

Bangkok: The Thai Meteorological Dept. (TMD) on Fri. released a caveat to 24 areas to brace for flooding as tropical storm Noul made landfall within the nation’s north & north east areas.

Noul is as devastating as tropical storm Podul, that caused widespread flooding within the Nakhon Phanom area last Aug, Xinhua press agency quoted the TMD as informing.

Noul is presently rising in strength as it reaches Vietnam & is likely to grow into a typhoon, stated the TMD, adding that it has been closely supervising whether it weakens into a tropical storm as it sweeps using upper Thailand.

The north-east, the TMD stated, is forecast to be showered with over 90 mm of rainfall & may cause flooding within the area.

Meantime, the Ministry of Interior has also alerted riverside locals within the 24 areas to brace for flash floods (or) runoffs as tropical storm Noul, presently a Category three storm, going to likely turn into Category five (or) a typhoon.

The Thai Royal Irrigation Dept. stated it’s taken steps on water Mgmt in dams & reservoirs within the north-east, that is awaited to be hit 1st by Noul, by discharging water to make room to store water took by this storm.

Also, the Dept. of Prevention & Mitigation of People Disasters has coordinated with provincial people relief centers & a network of civilian volunteers, regional administration companies & private areas, to locate ways to help locals that may be affected by Noul.