Trump administration advises US citizens not to go to India

Washington(WA): Putting India(In) in a quite severe category for travel with Pakistan(PAK), Syria, Trump administration has advised its residents not to travel to India(In).

This move of Trump has put a query mark on India(In)-US friendship. Such advice is given by US for reasons like terrorism, civil war, organised offence & epidemics. It’s rated trip to India(In) in 4, that is discussed the worst rating. Different nations that are held in this rating are war-torn Syria, Pakistan(PAK), Iran, Iraq & Yemen.

Raising complaint of Coronavirus couldn’t be the reason for advising residents not to travel to India(In) because US has far extra positive instances of COVID than India(In). As per American agencies, offence & terrorism have rised in India(In). The advisory declared on 23rd Aug also references raising offence & extremism over ladies as reasons for not traveling.

Meantime, Indian Tourism & Hospitality Association (FAITH) has pushed the Indian govt to pressurize the US govt to alter the travel advisory. The Information India(In) recorded. The Association locates the move inconceivable citing great relationship between PM Narendra Modi & US President Trump.

Aside from India(In), Pakistan(PAK), Syria, Yemen, Iran & Iraq have also being included within the travel advisory.

The advisory also alerted that India(In) could close the air port & the border of the nation in case the COVID complaint rises, so US administration advised its residents to avoid going there for the time being. It specifically released a caveat over going to the Jammu-Kashmir & India(In)-Pakistan(PAK) border.