Trump to reverse Pentagon plan to close Stars and Stripes newspaper

Washington(WA), September 5 : US President Donald Trump stated he’ll reverse Pentagon’s call to cut funding to US military’s independent news paper, Stars & Stripes, & cease its publication.

“The United States of America going to NOT be cutting funding to @starsandstripes magazine under my see,” Trump tweeted on Fri., Xinhua press agency recorded.

“It’ll continue to be a wonderful source of info to our Nice Military!” the president stated of the tabloid, that has provided American warriors from the Civil War in 1860s.

In a memo cited by USA TODAY previously on Fri., the Pentagon instructed the news paper to cease publication after Sep 30 & dissolve by this end of Jan. Previously this yr., the Pentagon shifted to cut US $15.Five mln in funding for the publication from that defense budget.

Trump’s move had come as the White Home is facing a firestorm after a record in The Atlantic that, citing unnamed authorities, stated the president disparaged fell US service members as “losers” & “suckers.”

Trump vehemently refused the record, calling the unnamed sources creating the claim “low-lifes” & “liars.”