Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Tujhse Hai Raabta 23 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (23-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Anupriya Cunning To Kalyani. Sarthak States She Is Your Namesake Mom & Betrayed You. Kalyani Hugs Her & States I Really know That My Aai Didn’t Killing Malhar Ji.

She Informs That She Trusts Her Namesake Mom & Loves Her Extra Than Her Birth Mom. She States Someone Is Enforcing My Aai To Lie. Anupriya Brushes Off Her Hand & States I Have Died Malhar.

Kalyani States You Are Cunning & Requests Her To Tell Who Is Enforcing Her. Anupriya States Nobody Is Enforcing Her & Lies That She Died Him As She Don’t Like Him. Kalyani Requests Her Not To Be Afraid Of Anybody.

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Anupriya States I Am A Murderer. Sarthak Requests Kalyani To Block Loving Her Blindly. Anupriya Requests Pawar Regarding The Confession Papers & Writes On The Papers With Her Sign. She States I Have Agreed My Offence. Sarthak States I Did A Big Error To Trust You To Be My Spouse. Anupriya Requests Him To Send Divorce Papers.

Sarthak States This Fight Going to End, When You Approaches The Hang Punishment. Kalyani Requests Her Why Is She Taking The Unfair Accusation On Her Head & Requests Her To Tell The Fact. Anupriya Requests Pawar In case Anybody Could Talk To The Offender In The Lock Up. Pawar Requests Kalyani To Go & Requests Her To Tell What Is She Hiding? Anupriya Looks On.

Kalyani Looks In Anupriya & Her Pic & Imagines She Going to Locate Out Regarding The Human Who Has Snatched Her Aai & Malhar Ji, Both. Godaveri Tries To Take Meal For Moksh, However, Avni Pulls Her Hair & Hurts Her. She Informs That Kaka Has Given His own Responsibility To Me & I Going to Not Give Meal To Moksh, For Killing Aahir. Godaveri States Just how Could A Small Boy Be Hungry.

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Avni Locks Her In The Room & Goes. Godaveri Calls Aao Saheb & Requests Her To Come Fast, As Kalyani Needs Her. Moksh Cries Looking In Malhar’s Pic & Recalls Their own Moments. He Knocks On The Door & Sign Her To Give Water, However, She Acts As In case She Didn’t Really know. She States She Has Kept New Rule In The Home & Everybody Shall Say What They Need.

She Requests Him To Sit Down & Try To Speak. Avni Sees The Book Fell & Goes To The Book Shelves. It Falls On Her Awhile She Stand Holding It, Kalyani Manages To Go To Moksh’s Room & Closes The Door. She States Sorry To Moksh & Makes Him Drink Water. She Requests Him To Have Meal Like A Great Boy & States Why Did You Sign In Meena Kumari Aai, When Someone Inquired Who Died Your Baba.

She Requests In case Someone Inquired You & States My Aai Could’t Murder Her Daughter’s Spouse. She States She Going to Never Believe This & Going to Locate The Real Human Killing My Malhar Ji, & As of now Enforcing My Aai To Take The Accuse On Herself. Avni Comes There & Understands Seeing Meal & Water On The Bed.

She Sees Kalyani Standing In The Lamp & Imparts Her Electric Shock. She Requests In case Her Love Stopped For Her Son. Moksh Pushes Avni. Avni Pushes Him On Bed & Beats Him. Kalyani Runs To Avni & Pushes Her. She Informs That Each Mom Has Kali In Her & Requests Her Not To Let Her Kali Avatar Come Infront Of Her, States In case You Hurts My Son Afterwards I Going to Not Leave Asur Like You.

Avni Beats Kalyani & States I Am Asur & Going to Wound You. She Warns Moksh & Ties Kalyani’s Hand, Takes Her From There. She Ties Kalyani’s Legs Too. Kalyani Requests Her Not To Wound Her Son & States My Son Needs Me. Avni Calls Her Mad & States She Going to Punish Moksh For Killing Aahir. She Maintains Cloth In Kalyani’s Mouth & Goes. Kalyani Cries Recalling Malhar & Her Moments. Chadariya Song Plays…..Moksh Cries Thinking Regarding Malhar & Kalyani.

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First episode date: 3 September 2018
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 491
Directed by: Sanjay Satavase, Akhilesh Bhagat
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Tujhse Hai Raabta Cast:

  • Sehban Azim
  • Reem Shaikh

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