Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Tujhse Hai Raabta 2 January 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (02-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd January 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Kalyani Telling Shera That He Doesn’t Deserve To Take Malhar’s Place. Shera Requests What Is So Nice Regarding Him & States He Don’t Even Have Beard & Moustache.

Kalyani States I Didn’t Really know In case My Malhar Ji Has been Nice (or) Not, However, I Could Claim That There Is Nobody Like Him In This Whole Globe.

She States Where To Locate Such Person, Who Respects Lady, Takes Care Of His own Entire family So Much & Loved His own Spouse So Much & Had Inquired Her On The Wedding Night, To Research & Stand On Her Ft, & They Could Celebrate Wedding Night Thereafter On.

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Shera Hears Her & States The Person Who Couldn’t Accomplish On The Wedding Night, Shall Pass away. Kalyani Requests Him Not To Say Anything Over Her Malhar Ji. Shera Holds Her Hand & States Just how Could Anybody Inquire His own Beautiful Spouse To Research On Wedding Night. Moksh Comes & Moves Him From Stick.

Kalyani Informs Moksh That They Going to Send Him Far away Once Their own Work Is Finished. Shera Requests Kalyani To Try Him Once. Kalyani Takes Moksh To The Storeroom & States Sorry. She States She Don’t Need To Give Him Fraud Hopes & Informs That He Is Not Malhar Ji. Moksh Hugs Malhar’s Jacket & Pushes Kalyani.

Kalyani States I Really know That You Are Quite Angry With Me, However, I Didn’t Have Any Option. She States In case I Had Not Bring This Person As Malhar Ji Afterwards The Entire family Members Would Have Separated Us For Forever. She States In case You Gain Angry On Me Afterwards I Going to Be Alone.

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She States I Have Nobody Except You & States I Took This Person, So That You Gain Your Voice, & We Could Really know Who Is The Real Killer Of Malhar Ji. She Hugs Him & Requests Him Not To Gain Angry With Her. Moksh Wipes Her Tears & Hugs Her. Kalyani States I Miss Malhar Ji So Much & Cries & I Really know That Even You Miss Your Baba.

She States We Have To Becomes Every Different’s Help, We Going to Never Separate From Every Different. Avni Informs Aao Saheb That She Didn’t Really know Just how He Knows The Answers Right. Aao Saheb States My Son Is Inside, & Malhar Repatriated. Avni States She Is Just Suspicious, However, He Is Not Malhar. Aao Saheb Reminds Her Of Her Assure & Requests Her To Take Vivek Out.

Avni States I Am Your Only Help & Nobody Else Could Support You. She States I Don’t Know Just how Kalyani Has Finished This. Kalyani Is In The Kitchen With Moksh & Feeds Him Meal. She Informs That She Knows That He Is Angry With Her, However, We Are Together Because Of Shera, & Have To Tolerate Him Because Of This.

Avni Comes There, Pushes Moksh Out & Pushes Kalyani On The Kitchen Slab. She Switches On The Gas & States I Won’t Let You Succeed. Shera Exercises Awhile The Song Rakt Charitra Plays. He Imagines He Made Body By Lifting Numerous Cylinders. Moksh Comes To Shera & Signs Him That Kalyani Is In Danger. Shera Doesn’t Know & States I Am Not Your Dad.

Avni States I Going to Burn Your Face & Going to Watch Just how That Imposter Helps You Seeing Your Burnt Face. Kalyani States He Is My Malhar Ji. Avni Hurts Kalyani’s Hand With The Knife. Moksh Breaks His own Piggy Bank & Maintains Amount In His own Hand, Signs Him To Come. Shera States Although This Alter Don’t Issue To Me, However I Shall Not Reject.

He Breaks The Kitchen Door & Sees Avni Harassing Kalyani. He Laughs & States TV Serials Are Going On Here. He Comes Inside States Saas Is Harassing Bahu & Pushes Avni. He Hugs Kalyani & Kisses Her Hand. Avni States You Could’t Be Malhar, As He Doesn’t Utilize To Accomplish All These Things. Shera Requests Just how Accomplish You Really know.

He Requests In case She Is Jealous & Requests Her In case Her Old Spouse Don’t Love Her. He Warns Her Politely & Calls Kaka…He States Kaka Don’t Love You, Else Would Have Come By As of now. He States You Are Jealous Of Our Love & Calls Her Chachi. Avni Goes. Shera Requests Kalyani In case Her Malhar, Never Kiss Her Too? Kalyani States I Going to Not Tell You Regarding All That, Mind Your Work.

She Brings Him To The Jail. He States For The 1st Time, He Had come To Jail To Meet Someone. Kalyani States So You Had come Before Also. She Requests Him To Give The Announcement That Her Aai Haven’t Died Malhar Ji. Constable Brings Anupriya There. Kalyani Informs That Malhar Ji Is Alive & You Don’t Want To Be Here. She Requests Him To Tell The Fact.

Shera States This Lady Attempted To Take My Personal life & Stabbed On My Chest, States She Shall Be Punished Rigorously. Kalyani Requests What Are You Informing? Lady Inspector Requests Kalyani Why Are They Wasting Their own Time. Kalyani States I Don’t Really know Why Is He Cunning. Anupriya States I Have Stabbed Him & Attempted To Murder Him.

She Requests Inspector To Come. Kalyani States I Really know That You Couldn’t Murder Your Daughter’s Spouse & Requests Her Why Is She Cunning. Anupriya Is Taken Far away By The Constable. Kalyani Requests Shera Why Did He Lie? He Requests Her To Give Him 2 Lakhs In case He Desires Her To Give The Announcement In Her Favour. Kalyani Rejects To Take His own Support, However Afterwards Agrees To Give Him Amount & Requests Him To Accomplish As She States. Shera Agrees.

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Ongoing Updates: 2nd January 2023 / (02-01-2021)

First episode date: 3 September 2018
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 491
Directed by: Sanjay Satavase, Akhilesh Bhagat
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Tujhse Hai Raabta Cast:

  • Sehban Azim
  • Reem Shaikh

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