Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Tujhse Hai Raabta 6 January 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (06-01-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th January 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Inspector Telling That The Bag Is Empty. Avni States Just how Could This Be Possible, As The Jewelry Has been In The Bag.

She Tries To Open The Locker & The Locker Sparks & Sets On The Fire. Shera Informs That The Jewelry Is Of His own Sister Swara & The Thieves Are They & Not Him. Kalyani States He Is Informing Right.

Shera States Just how To Handover My Sister’s Jewelry To Them. Inspector States It Is Your Entire family Issue & Goes. Shera Requests In case They Are Feeling Hot & Blows Wind With His own Scarf.

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They Watch Gold Necklaces In His own Neck & Requests Him To Repatriate The Jewelry. Shera States It Is Of My Sister & Your Jewelry Is Burnt In The Locker. He States You Have Your Eyes On My Sister’s Jewelry, I Going to Go Far away With These Jewelry. Kalyani Comes To The Room & Requests Shera, What Is He Doing? She Informs That These Jewelry Is Of Swara.

Shera States As of now This Is Mine. They Had Snatched These Jewelry From Swara, & I Have Snatched These From Those 2 Witches. He Requests What Unfair Did I Accomplish? Kalyani States You Are Over Confident, However I Won’t Let You Steal It. She States Your Next Work Is That, You Have To Go To A Jeweler’s Shop & Have To Enquire Why Malhar Ji Utilized To Go There.

Shera States Ok & Reminds Her That She Has Just Given Him A Ring, & Not Any Amount. Sarthak Comes There & States You Need To Prove This Person As Malhar. Shera States I Am Malhar & Requests What’s Unfair In case I Wear My Sister’s Jewelry In Her Memory. Kalyani States You Could Think What You Need & Informs That He Is Malhar Ji.

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Avni Comes There & Requests Kalyani To Bring Him To The Place, In case She Is So Sure That He Is Malhar. They Approach The Temple. Pandit Ji Does The Puja. Avni Informs That In case A Spouse Personal life His own Spouse & Take 100 Rounds About This Holy Tree, Afterwards Their own Wishes Gets Fulfilled. Aao Saheb States Sarthak Going to Lift Avni & Take 100 Rounds, So That They Gain Moksh.

Avni Informs Kalyani That In case Malhar Lifts Her & Take 100 Rounds Afterwards Moksh Could Gain His own Voice. Sarthak Informs Avni Why She Didn’t Tell Him Regarding This. Avni States Kalyani Going to Not Let Him Touch Her. She Requests Kalyani In case She Going to Not Accomplish This For Moksh’s Voice. Shera Lifts Kalyani & Requests Sarthak To Begin Too.

Kalyani Requests Just how Dare You To Lift Me? Shera States In case I Had Not Raised You Afterwards They Would Have Got Suspicious & Informs That He Going to Give Her 30 Per cent Discount. Kalyani Closes Her Eyes & Imagines Of Malhar. Sarthak Lifts Avni & Begins Taking The Rounds, However He Shortly Drops Her & States He Could’t Accomplish This.

Shera Completes 100 Rounds With Kalyani, & Doesn’t Circular His own Wounded Ft. Pandit Ji States 100 Rounds Are Finished. Shera Imagines What Happened To His own Ft & Sees It Injured. He Afterwards Informs Avni To Go & Apply Balm To Sarthak. Kalyani States Lets Go. Aao Saheb Informs That Spouse Shall Apply Sindoor To His own Spouse After The Rounds.

Panditji States Yes. Avni Requests In case He Is Your Spouse Afterwards What Is The Issue? Shera Looks On. Kalyani Goes To Take The Sindoor & Injures Her Finger Intentionally. She Afterwards Comes To Shera. Shera Requests In case She Is Getting Mad & Creating Him Dad Of Her Son. He States I Don’t Need To Be. Kalyani Makes Him Touch The Sindoor & Holds His own Hand To Apply On Her Forehead.

She Afterwards Applies Her Blood With Her Finger. Shera Whispers You Have Wounded Your Finger. Avni Imagines There Is Something Unfair Surely. Aao Saheb Threatened Moksh & Requests Him To Say In case The Imposter Is Not Malhar. She Beats Him With Belt. Shera Comes There & Laughs.

He Ties Aao Saheb On To The Chair & Informs That Her Personal life Is In His own Hands & States In case She Moves Afterwards He Going to Blast Her. He Requests Her To Begin Speaking Great Regarding Him. Aao Saheb Feels Bad. Shera Requests Moksh To Be A Person. Avni Comes To Kalyani’s Room. Moksh Plays Shera’s Reported Sms. She Goes Out. Kalyani Comes To Shera & States We Have To Go To Jewelry Shop. Shera Informs That He Could Hear Only When Amount Speaks. Kalyani States You Are So Greedy. Shera Imagines He Going to Gain The Amount.

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First episode date: 3 September 2018
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 491
Directed by: Sanjay Satavase, Akhilesh Bhagat
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Tujhse Hai Raabta Cast:

  • Sehban Azim
  • Reem Shaikh

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