Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Malhar thinking of the happenings & gets sad. Mukku comes there & requests Malhar why he made her Aai fi cry & requests him to say sorry.

Aao Saheb informs that this globe is cruel, Rane entire family brother impregnated this lady (Avni) & different brother helped her & covered his own brother cruel act.

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She requests in case Madhav gave these values to the entire family. Sarthak informs that Kalyani, Deshmukh’s entire family step daughter sticks to Malhar, even although she knows that he’s wedded.

He taunts in Aao Saheb’s values. Aao Saheb claps & feels pity on him. He states you’re trying to ruin our image with nice hardwork. She states my grand-daughter Kalyani is DM & your nephew is Sub Inspector, why Kalyani going to go behind him.

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Pallavi states Sarthak has been blackmailing us taking Godaveri’s name for this lady’s illegitimate child baby shower. The ladies tell that they shouldn’t have come here & leave. Vivek requests Sarthak to block his own guests.

Kalyani informs Avni that they’ll accomplish the baby shower rasam. Avni pushes her & requests her to stay far from her. Sarthak informs Kalyani that she should be enjoying & over her, her mom should be enjoying.

Kalyani informs she doesn’t need to give fraud hopes to Avni as she could know that Avni is yearning to give dad’s name to her baby as she don’t need her to be named as illegitimate.

She states nobody else could know than me. She states I don’t have any time for these talks. I’ve to query Malhar & going to gain all this answers today.

Mukku requests Malhar to hold his own ears & apologize to Kalyani. Malhar states Mukku. Kalyani comes there & requests Mukku to go inside. Mukku requests in case Police going to be beaten.

She goes, however hides to hear them. Kalyani holds his own collar & states you’ve betrayed me & lied to me. She requests just how did you lie to me? She states I has been a fool to believe you & your lies.

She requests just how you can tell me that you’re wedded to Avni & is the dad of her child. She states I believed you & states just how stupid I’m. She requests what are the different lies that you’ve hidden from me?

Malhar gets angry & informs that not only him, she’s also hidden the fact from him & didn’t tell him where has been she for 5 yrs. & why she didn’t contact him in all these yrs..

He states you didn’t watch in case I’m alive (or) passed. Kalyani maintains hand on her mouth & states Malhar ji. Malhar gets emotional. Mukku comes there & handcuffs them silently. They realize that they’re handcuffed by her. Malhar requests why did you touch the handcuff?

Mukku states what going to she accomplish seeing them fighting like cat & dog. She takes them to room & afterwards lock the room from outdoor. They inquire her to open the door. Mukku states when I habituated to fight with neighbours, Amma habituated to lock me in room.

Aao Saheb states this baby is illegitimate. Anupriya states baby is innocent who haven’t come till date. Aao Saheb states Avni has offended your daughter. Avni states her daughter deserves this & states she’s destroyed my personal life, what everybody going to think when they come to really know regarding my baby. Sarthak states I’ll not let this happen & requests her to come with him.

Aao Saheb requests in case he don’t need to accomplish baby shower as of now & taunts Sarthak. Sarthak requests Avni to come. Sarthak & Avni are leaving. Vivek informs that he’ll spread the information in this city that Avni is carrying Aahir’s illegitimate baby &.

Malhar has been covering up his own brother’s act. Swara gets worried & requests what’s the error of the child & requests them to think regarding a lady’s respect. Aao Saheb states you’re taking a stand for your murderer brother. Swara states Dada didn’t murder Nal.

He passed away as you inquired him to escape. Aao Saheb requests Vivek to watch just how is she accusing her. Vivek angrily takes Swara to room.

Kalyani requests Malhar what are the different lies that he informed her. Malhar states I myself is a lie, my personal life from 5 yrs. is fraud, the person who’s standing as powerful is fraud, the person who compromised with her absence is a lie too. Kalyani looks in him.

Malhar states it’s a lie to lie to her that when she’s about him afterwards he don’t feel anything. He states it’s a lie to lie that he didn’t feel anything with her touch. He states it’s a lie to express infront of citizens that he don’t gain teary eyes seeing tears in her eyes. He states fact is that even today I love you immensely.

Just afterwards Mukku comes inside & states it seems you both have patched up. Kalyani requests her to open the handcuff. Mukku opens the handcuff. Swara shouts requesting Anupriya to safeguard her. Anupriya comes inside the room & sees Vivek beating Swara with belt.

Swara tries to run & the lamp falls down on her pallu. She falls down & the fire catches her saree. Anupriya requests Vivek to safeguard her. Malhar & Kalyani come there. Malhar requests Kalyani to bring blanket.

Malhar puts blanket on Swara & sets off the fire. Sarthak comes there & requests what happened to her. Anupriya states when she had come here, Vivek has been beating her with belt. Vivek tries to escape.

Malhar throws vase on his own head. Sarthak catches him & beats him, requests Malhar to take Swara to {hospital}. Malhar takes Swara to {hospital}. Anupriya informs Aao Saheb & Pallavi, however they don’t believe her.

Anupriya states Vivek shall be punished & I’m the eye witness. Aao Saheb states I’ll not let anything happen to Vivek. Pallavi scolds Anupriya & leaves.

Mukku comes there & requests where is Aai fi? Anupriya informs that Swara has been wounded so Kalyani taken her to {hospital}. Mukku states she makes great poha & requests in case Swara going to pass away? Anupriya states no & requests her to pray to her.

Kalyani talks to Anupriya & informs what Doctor informed that Swara is now in ICU & doctor informed that nothing could be informed for the next 36 hours. She requests her to pray & requests Mukku to call on Malhar ji’s number in case she desires to talk to her, as she’s left her phone in house. Malhar is leaving, when Kalyani stops him.

Malhar states I has been silent till date because of Swara, however won’t be quiet as of now.

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Ongoing Updates: 9th November 2023 / (9-11-2020)

First episode date: 3 September 2018
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 491
Directed by: Sanjay Satavase, Akhilesh Bhagat
Networks: Zee TV, Viacom 18

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Tujhse Hai Raabta Cast:

  • Sehban Azim
  • Reem Shaikh

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