TV celebs REACT to CBI inquiry for Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput’s unfateful death on Jun 14 shook up the overall entertainment sector & his own fans world-wide. Citizens couldn’t believe that a boy as cheerful & complete of personal life as SUshant can be identified hanging from that ceiling. Shortly after his own death a lot has been stated & written regarding the reason that commanded him to take (2) his own own personal life. From nepotism to depression & quite just recently his own claimed girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty being accountable for it, a lot has been stated & written regarding his own demise. #JusticeForSushant is trending from a mo as of now as fans weren’t letting this issue go easy. They need SUshant to have justice & stars from our telly sector too were requesting for the same. Bihar(BR) govt had appealed the Center for a CBI probe into the complaint that has as of now being agreed.

With CBI coming into the picture, everybody is expecting a elaborated inquiry within the complaint & extra clarity. Celebs have applauded the move & even revealed their own see on the late star’s last film “Dil Bechara”. Here’s what they’d to say:

Vijayendra Kumeria: Well the fact behind his own demise has gone with him, of course, we all need to really know what exactly happened however speculating what happened is not right. As per me the facts must come in light & for that, a proper enquiry must be finished. I has been always in complete help of a CBI enquiry & glad that they were roped in as of now. I think citizens in place of passing their own judgement on social media(SM) must insist justice for him. I seen “Dil Bechara” just recently. Its a decent movie & it got (1) a plenty of attention because of the scenario that is a way of demonstrating our respect for him however honestly, I think it wouldn’t were the complaint in case he has been with us.

Shashank Vyas: I were following this information from day 1. I were checking the Justice For Sushant page often. I think it has been quite a setback & I hope the real reason is out shortly because it’s the query of a human who had everything in his own personal life, he’d no scarcity (or) shortage of anything in his own personal life. He’d name, popularity & amount, everything. He has been a fit human. So as it had come on Jun 14 that he attempted suicide, afterwards what commanded him to accomplish that. He’s an inspiration to numerous, & obviously that query had come in everybody’s mind. & thereafter on, there have been some forums requesting for justice. It’s a democracy & numerous weren’t happy with the kinda inquiry the regional police has been implementing, so they wanted a CBI enquiry.  & the complaint is as of now with them & I think it’s an excellent move. This is the for the first time that the whole country has come together & insisted justice for Sushant. In case there have been citizens who made him accomplish so, afterwards they must be precisely punished. & as far as ‘Dil Bechara’ is concerned, I’ve not witnessed the movie, & I don’t think I’ll be able to see it as of now. However yes, I might watch it after Sushant gets justice. He has been a fantastic & superb star. I really know there have been some of the citizens close to me who weren’t speaking to me as they believed I’ll only talk regarding Sushant & his own complaint however tell me what’s unfair in knowing the fact. I don’t think there is any harm.

Vikas Sethi: Yes I were following the information daily & although I didn’t really know him personally, the information of his own demise made me cry. Honestly, I feel there is something fishy regarding the whole complaint. I mean the police can have entered his own WhatsApp chat information & bank account(a/c) information so easily, I don’t really know what taken them so long. However with the CBI as of now taking the charge, it’s a big sigh of relief & in case someone has been engaged (or) someone urged him to take (2) his own personal life, afterwards that human must be punished. I also feel all those utilizing his own name & demise for their own own benefit must just leave him alone. Why utilize his own name as of now. & as far as ‘Dil Bechara’ is concerned, I just couldn’t see it & I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to see it.

Pranitaa Pandit: With the easy passing day we’re getting to really know extra & extra information regarding the complaint & something definitely feels off regarding the overall thing. I’m glad that CBI has finally taken up the complaint & we’ll surely gain to really know extra shortly. He deserves justice because there is a lot extra to the complaint that actually needs to be investigated. Sushant has been a talented actor. ‘Dil Bechara’ has actually finished well on-line, citizens have seen it & welcomed the movie however yes, somewhere I feel that in case he were here it’d haven’t got (1) as much attention as it got (1) as of now.

Amal Sehrawat: I’ve quite high regard for Sushant, not only he has been a hardworking star however a talented person being as well. He sponsored kids’s education, had a deep concern in astronomy, had the capability to think out of the box & the list of such qualities goes on. I’m saddened by this severe step he’s taken, I believe in case he wouldn’t have given into that moment of hopelessness he’d were here with us. Let’s all learn a lesson to be powerful sufficient to sail using hard times & let his own soul rest in peace.

Amit Sarin: Being far from Mumbai (Bombay) here in LA, I don’t really know too numerous information however it’s sad to watch just how some of the elements of Sushant’s personal life & family (4) is being addressed on people platforms. I just hope that as of now the fact must come out & information regarding any criminal act (or) conspiracy that took his own personal life must be investigated. This is quite tragic & such untimely demise could alter so numerous lives & an overall family (4) forever. May his own family (4) have the strength to watch using this loss.

Khushbhoo Kamal: The kinda dramatic angle this complaint took is quite shocking. I just need to say that justice must dominate & I’m glad that CBI took up the charge for furthermore inquiry. I didn’t really know him, have never met him however the kinda work (5) he’s finished, it shows that he has been a quite positive human. I’ve a question that it has been a suicide complaint. I were following the information daily & I’d my own questions regarding the whole inquiry. Why has been Mumbai (Bombay) police interrupting Bihar(BR) police’s inquiry? & whatever allegations citizens are putting on his own close friend & his own previous girlfriend is actually creating sense as of now. Just how could you give unprescribed medicine to someone without consulting a doctor? There is informing that passed citizens gain extra flowers than residing ones. Just because ‘Dil Bechara’ is his own last film, citizens are watching it to give sympathy. I’ve seen the movie & felt it has been great. However I also feel that because his own information is everywhere that’s why the movie nabbed so much attention & hype.

Srman Jain: He has been a great person & we met a couple of times in parties. He’s always being a quite charming person & whatever happened with him is actually sad. Whatever happened to him has gone with him & nobody knows anything. Rhea has been 3 yrs. junior to me in my educational institution in Agra. I don’t really know her much & haven’t even met her within the last seven-eight yrs., however she’s sweet. Really, now it’s quite tough to comment on anything because we all need justice for Sushant. I feel CBI investigation has been much needed because in case the family (4) is requesting for it, it must were allowed within the 1st place. It’s for the great because as of now he & his own family (4) going to gain justice.

Jhanvi Sethi: As a creator of My Zindagi Foundation I believe that Sushant’s complaint brings to the forefront a plenty of problems we all cope with about Mental Wellness. Whether it’s a suicide (or) killing, it’ll be ruled by this court of law. The fact going to always dominate. However I feel that the family (4) is the strongest help system in instances of depression. It’s extremely important for the person to realize the signs, voice their own opinion, & thereafter for the family (4) to help him using this journey. I urge all of you to reflect in case you feel the want please approach out, seek help, & gain the support required.

Mohit Malhotra: I were following the information however honestly, I feel everybody is presenting their own own theory. Whatever happened to Sushant he taken it with him to his own grave. However having stated that I feel in case someone else has been engaged (or) he did it due to someone, afterwards that human must be punished. I’m glad that the CBI investigation has finally being sanctioned, at the least as of now we’ll gain some of the clarity on the complaint. Also, I think citizens shouldn’t utilize a late star’s name for their own own benefit in case you actually need to support, support with the inquiry, don’t utilize his own name for mud-slinging citizens you’ve a issue with. I totally agree that all that popularity & appreciation Sushant got post his own demise, had this being finished before, maybe he wouldn’t have taken that severe step. I’ve witnessed all his own films & just recently seen “Dil Bechara”, it has been a heart touching film & he has been incredible in that. Let’s leave it like that.

Ashna Kishore: It’s still tough to believe that he’s no longer with us. I don’t think it’ll be relevant to talk regarding him. In case anything unfair has happened afterwards justice must be provided! Our sector hasn’t only lost a nice & versatile star however also a great soul. All I could say is where ever he’s may he be in peace.

Dhruvee Haldankar: Sushant has been definitely a loved soul. He just left behind so numerous hearts beating for him. He has been a gymnast dancer, he can even flip like a coin! I’m just surprised as to just how someone who can easily lift his own body going to have the zeel to hang himself from a fan? Like would he not just accomplish a pull up instead! I feel the issue must be looked into & I’m pleased that CBI going to accomplish furthermore inquiry as of now. I seen ‘Dil Bechara’ only due to Sushant & I liked only him within the movie. Mukesh made a great attempt. However I mightn’t have seen it in case Sushant has been alive.

Ankit Siwach: I feel it’s a big loss for Sushant’s family (4) & citizens are just utilizing demise as their own marketing tool, I think there is no reason to gain into this & leave it to the family (4) & judiciary. Citizens making buzz out of somebody’s loss must never be taken seriously, it shows what background they come from, be it, anybody. “Dil Bechara” must be celebrated as a movie, no scrutinizing, no criticizing, no business models, only sheer celebration. A soul has deceased, let him be in peace wherever he’s.

Aarvika Gupta: We all need to really know what made Sushant take (2) his own personal life. With the CBI inquiry as of now, I’m sure we could expect him to gain justice. Because honestly, no 1 has been pleased with whatever has been happening with his own complaint previously. ‘Dil Bechara’ is a beautiful movie. I feel that whatever love & attention this movie got (1) post his own demise, it wouldn’t have got any in case he has been here with us. We must take (2) it as a lesson to help the ones who’re deserving. Even the media & audience must realize it & foster real talent.