Trump opposes changes to presidential debate rules

Washington(WA), October 2 : US President Donald Trump has resisted possible shifts to the format of the 2 rest presidential addresses with his own Democratic rival Joe Biden after the 1st 1 on Sep 29 quickly escalated into confusion. Taking to Twitter on Thu., the President stated: “Why would I permit the Discussion Commission to … Read more

President Trump, Wife Melania Test Positive A Month Before US Election

Washington(WA): US President Donald Trump said early Friday. He & first Lady Melania had tested positive(+ve) for the COVID-19. “Tonight, @FLOTUS & I tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine & recovery process immediately. We will gain utilizing this TOGETHER!,” Trump tweeted. President Trump is “well” & going to continue to accomplish his … Read more

US Vs Syria Row: US issues fresh sanctions against Syria

Washington(WA): The United States on Wed. declared over a dozen sanctions over Syrian persons & entities to furthermore stress the Syrian govt. The sanctions designated the head of the Syrian Gen. Intelligence Directorate, the governor of the Central Bank of Syria, & a business network that reportedly “produce revenue for the regime & its supporters,” … Read more

Trump: Ex-Trump campaign manager steps down as senior adviser

Washington(WA), October 1: Following his own involuntary detention by police last week, Brad Parscale, US President Donald Trump’s previous campaign manager, has stepped down as a Sr. adviser, informing that he’s sought support for the “overwhelming pressure” on him & his own family (4), a media record stated. “I’m stepping far from my firm & … Read more

Corona Vaccine: Elon Musk says he won’t grab COVID-19 vaccine when available

San Francisco: Even though the globe enthusiastically awaits a COVID-19 vaccine, tech billionaire Elon Musk has stated that he’d not take (2) 1 when it becomes available. In an interview on the NY Times’ podcast “Sway” posted on Mon., the Tesla & SpaceX CEO slammed the widespread constraints enforced around the nation to cope with the … Read more

China injecting unproven COVID-19 vaccine to its citizens

NY: As the globe struggles to locate an efficient vaccine for COVID-19, China has already started injecting its unproven vaccine to labour in state-run businesses, govt authorities, vaccine firm employees, teachers, supermarket employees & citizens travelling unsafe regions abroad. The NY Times recorded that the authorities are laying out schedules to give shots to even … Read more