UK to give refuge to more Afghan translators who helped British troops

London, September 19 : The Afghan interpreters who risked their own lives for British army in Afghanistan going to as of now be able to relocate to the United Kingdom, following the govt’s call to expand the relocation scheme.

Dozens of servicemen & previous interpreters have appreciated the move that going to pave the way for regarding 100 translators & their own families to settle within the UK.

Within the original scheme initiated in 1993, over 400 translators have already shifted to the UK with their own families, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Defense secretary, Ben Wallace, stated, “Our measures in Afghanistan just couldn’t were possible without the support of brave interpreters who risked their own lives to work (5) alongside our personnel during the conflict. They didn’t leave us behind afterwards, & we’ll not leave them behind as of now.”

The shifts that are declared on Sat. are going to be presented next mo using secondary legislation.

The Interpreters’ Lives Issue campaign crowd stated it has been “delighted” by this information, however alerted the scheme still “doesn’t contain everybody”.

“You’re leaving a huge no. of them behind in risk & in the mercy of terrorist Taliban,” the campaign handle tweeted.

The Ministry of Defense stated that Afghan civilians in Helmand Area had frequently being “the eyes & ears of British enforces” between 2006 & 2014.

Their own linguistic & cultural expertise “enabled the UK to work (5) hand-in-hand with our Afghan partners & regional communities awhile protecting British army” in dangerous situations”, the Ministry added further.

As per a 2018 Common Defense Select Committee record, British enforces employed over 6,500 Afghan civilians, out of whom, regarding half have been translators.

The record also identified that the UK has “dismally failed” to protect Afghans translators who risked their own lives for the British troops & are as of now in risk from Islamic State & local Taliban.

British House Secretary, Priti Patel stated, “Courageous Afghans performed side by side with our armed enforces to defeat terrorism, risking their own own lives within the pursuit of peace.”