UNESCO extends Saudi scientist Hayat Sindi’s services

Jeddah: The U.N Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has extended Saudi Arabia medical scientist Dr. Hayat Sindi’s reputation character as a Goodwill Ambassador for the other 2 yrs.. Company’s director gen., Audrey Azoulay declared this.

Hayat Sindi has been born in Makkah, Saudi. She has been given the title in recognition of her outstanding career achievements with Intl. effect as a Saudi Arabia scientist.

Hayat Sindi collected a Ph.D. in biotechnology from that University of Cambridge. She has been the 1st lady from that Gulf to gain this achievement. She has been also one such 1st female members of the Saudi Arabia Shoura Council.

Hayat Sindi, alongside a tandem from Harvard University, co-founded & co-invented a programme to create affordable diagnostic devices for millions of citizens in impoverished areas by name Diagnostics for All.

Aiming in empowering & inspiring the next generation of innovators to realize their own dreams & contribute to the globe, Hayat Sindi founded the i2 Institute. She also invented a low-cost diagnostic tool for early detection of breast cancer.

Hayat Sindi has been appointed chief scientific adviser to the president of the Islamic Development (devt) Bank in 2017. Her name surfaced in Newsweek’s 150 Ladies Who Shake the Globe. Forbes ranked her 2nd on a list of the most strong Arab ladies in Saudi. Newsweek & The Daily Beast called her as 1 of 150 fearless ladies. BBC, in 2018, selected her amongst the 100 most inspiring & influential ladies within the globe.

G20 just recently appointed Sindi as global ambassador for the health & development (devt) partnership of the crowd.