UP: Girl commits suicide after father prevents her from studying

Moradabad: A lady reportedly consumed poison & passed away by suicide after her dad purportedly suspended her from studying in WP’s Moradabad.

Thereafter, the dad reportedly attempted to burn his own daughter’s body.

Police have recovered a suicide note from that demised lady’s home in that she’s claimed that her dad, Kapil Kumar, didn’t let her research.

“We have been reported that the demised lady had consumed poison. Thereafter, when we approached the location we recovered the body in a burnt condition & sent for the postmortem. A complaint was lodged over the dad. A suicide note has also being recovered in that the demised lady has claimed that her dad suspended her from studying,” stated Amit Anand, Supervisor of Police (SP).

“According to the inquiry, Kapil had reported his own relatives on Sep 13 regarding her daughter having the poison. When the relatives approached here, they saw Kapil has been trying to burn the body & they immediately reported the police,” he added further.

The dad somehow managed to flee from that location. A complaint has also being lodged over the dad under sections 306 & 201 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Furthermore inquiry is in progress.