UP man beaten to death for allegedly selling his 16-yr-old daughter

Lucknow: A person passed away after being reportedly beat up by some of the citizens in Mainpuri dist. of WP over accusations that he has been trying to sell his own young daughter, police officer said on Tue..

Sarvesh Kumar Diwakar (45), who has been a Dalit, has been assaulted with sticks & rods on Sun.. He has been confessed to a hospital (3), where he passed away throughout medication on Mon., they stated, adding that 4 citizens engaged within the incident were arrested.

Opposition Samajwadi Party & the BSP targetted the ruling BJP over the incident & named for justice to the sufferer’s family (4).

“On Sep 6, on getting info regarding a fight, a police tandem approached the location & sent 1 human, Sarvesh Kumar (45), to the dist. hospital (3). He passed away throughout medication on Sep 7. A video footage linked to the incident was got & police have taken cognisance of the same. Of the 5 engaged within the beating, 4 were arrested, & search is on for the 5th human. Stringent action going to be taken over all,” Mainpuri Police officer said on its Twitter handle.

The Samajwadi Party declared INR 1 lakh aid to the sufferer’s family (4). “Lynching of Dalit Sarvesh Diwakar in Mainpuri by goons of Bajrang Dal under patronage of the govt is unfortunate. Condolences to his own family (4). SP going to give INR one lakh to the sufferer’s family (4). Govt must give INR 10 lakh to the family (4),” the party stated.

Targetting the state govt, BSP supremo Mayawati cited different similar incidents that had happened within the state just recently. “Dalit Sarvesh has been beaten to demise in Mainpuri. Similar incidents of killing of Govind Chauhan in Maharajganj, Rajveer Maura in Shahjahanpur, Wasid in Bareilly, Sudhir Singh in Kushinagar & Vinod Garg in Banda are saddening,” she stated in a tweet in Hindi.

“Similarly, cab driver’s killing in Noida & different incidents expose tall says of the govt on law & order within the state. The govt must give justice to the sufferer’s famliy & give them fiscal support,” she added further in the other tweet.

It was learned that Sarvesh Diwakar, who habituated to run a meal stall, has been in fiscal problem because of the lock-down & had ruled to send his own 16-year-old daughter to a relative’s place in Noida.

Although, after a rumor spread that he has been selling her, he has been beat up by a crowd of citizens. The act has been captured on video footage, that appeared on social media(SM).

Previously, in Kushinagar on Mon., an angry mob thrashed a killing charged to demise in a village reportedly within the presence of police that had arrived thereafter he shot passed a educational institution teacher.

A video footage on social media(SM) demonstrated policemen present in the scene in riot gear however not been able to block citizens from raining lathi blows on the person cunning on the field.

The incident occurred in Rampur Bangra village of the Taryasujan region about eight am, after Aryaman Yadav died the teacher, Sudhir Kumar Singh (28), a native of Rampur Bangra village under Taryasujan PS (police station) limit in Kushinagar dist..

Following the incident, the SHO of Taryasujan PS (police station), under whose jurisdiction the double killing occurred, has been discontinued, & a probe has been instructed over the erring policemen, an officer said.