US committed to protect Afghan people’s interests in Doha talks

Kabul: The United States is dedicated to assuring that personal interests don’t take (2) precedence over the domestic interests during this critical negotiations between the Afghan govt & Taliban in Doha, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad stated.

In an interview with TOLOnews in Doha, Khalilzad stated a resolution must be identified to end the Afghan crises, that going to result in long-lasting peace.

Inquired in case the intra-Afghan talks would watch a breakdown, the US envoy remarked that such a development (devt) won’t be acceptable for Washington(WA).

“It’s not acceptable & there is a resolution to each issue, & a resolution should be identified. We’re prepared to support in case the nation’s interests come 1st & personal interests don’t come 1st. I’m confident that a resolution going to be identified & we’ll not permit personal interests to take (2) precedence. This is the assure of the US to the citizens of Afghanistan,” Khalilzad stated.

He stated there have been some of the citizens in Afghanistan who prefer the current status to peace with the Taliban awhile some of them are attempting to keep Washington(WA) involved in the war so that it can pay the cost, as per TOLOnews.

“Some of the prefer the current status rather than peace with the Taliban. For instance, in Afghanistan there have been some of the who’re trying to keep the US involved within the war,” Khalilzad stated.

Previously on Fri., Khalilzad stated he’s hopeful that talks between the Afghan govt & Taliban going to pave the way for a peace procedure & withdrawal of foreign army after decades of war & insurgency.

The intra-Afghan talks between the Afghanistan govt & the Taliban that opened in Qatar’s Doha on Sat. are aimed in establishing peace & stability in Afghanistan.

The Afghan govt’s 21-member negotiating tandem has been commanded by Masoom Stanekzai, a previous intelligence chief. On the different hand, the Taliban has been commanded by Mawlavi Abdul Hakim, the terror crowd’s chief justice & a close aide of the crowd’s chief Haibatullah Akhunzada, Al Jazeera recorded.

Calling the starting of intra-Afghan peace talks a “truly momentous occasion,” US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo pushed the Taliban & the Afghan govt to “seize the chance”, adding that Washington(WA) is prepared to help the negotiations.

Peace talks have been awaited to take (2) place in Mar however have been delayed repeatedly because of a prisoner exchange settlement made in the context of the deal signed between the US & Taliban in Feb.