US pressurizing Arab countries into normalizing ties with Israel: Palestine

Ramallah, September 12 : A Sr. Palestinian officer on Sat. charged the United States of pressurising Arab nations into normalizing relations with Israel.

“Washington(WA) exploits its political & economic power to enforce the Arab nations to normalize ties with Israel,” stated Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Company (PLO) Executive Committee, in a press announcement.

“The US govt is utilizing all means of incitement, intimidation & stress” to achieve the goal, she added further.

Ashwawi’s comments referred to US President Donald Trump’s declaration that the United Arab Emirates & the Kingdom of Bahrain accepted to normalize their own relations with Israel, Xinhua press agency recorded.

The US-sponsored normalization agreements between Israel & the Arab nations have outraged the Palestinians who discuss the deals a stab in their own back & in the expense of the Palestinian cause.

“The American measures aim to approve the Israeli schedule of annexing what remains of the Palestinian lands, that is a flagrant violation of Intl. legitimacy & Intl. resolutions,” Ashrawi observed.

“(Israeli) normalization with Arab nations won’t bring security & stability to the area. On the contrary, it’ll bring.