7 Clever Ways to Prove Your Spouse Is Cheating – 2021 Guide

People say that married life is blissful. However, it does not work like that for everyone. Some partners cheat on their spouses and maintain extramarital affairs. Despite the flexibility of marriage, for example, you can apply for divorce easily, there are still some people who cheat on their partners.

It is indeed true that cheating on your partner is much easier because of technology. Due to that, there is an unexpected rise in infidelity cases, and nearly 70% of married couples have some sort of external affairs during their married life. However, with the help of the same technology, you can find clever ways to prove that your partner is betraying you.

Best 7 Ways To Prove That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

In order to confirm that your spouse is cheating on you, your suspicion is not enough because you need valid proof or evidence. Do you want to find methods that can totally verify whether your spouse is deceiving you? In that case, we are here to help you out with this guide, so keep reading!

1. Hiding Or Locking The Phone

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Many people who have extramarital affairs tend to hide or lock their phones when they are with their partners. Generally, couples would not shut their phone, and even if they close their mobile device with a passcode because of bank account details or others, they will tell the password to their spouse. Thus, hiding or locking their phone with a new password means that they might be having texts or calls with others.

All you need to do is find your spouse’s hidden phone or spy when they are typing in their password. Later, you can enter the password or put their thumb code to open the smartphone and find who they are cheating on with you.

2. Use Mobile Apps

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If you would like to know more about the best apps that will help you find the cheating spouse, make sure to check out mobilimeet, where you can discover some best ways to confirm that your spouse is cheating on you. All you need to do is install the spy app on your spouse’s mobile phone and track the location to know who they are meeting with.

The spy apps are compatible with both android and iOS smartphones. You can find several apps from the Play Store and App Store as well. Thus, choose the app with the best rating, download it on your spouse’s phone, and make sure to conceal it.

3. Evaluate Finances

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Here is another simple yet clever method to catch your cheating spouse. Make sure to keep an eye on their finances. If your spouse’s salary is not huge but has been getting expensive items from time to time, then there is a chance that your partner is receiving those gifts from extramarital affairs.

In addition to that, some people use their credit cards to book a hotel, tickets, dinner, gifts, and more. Hence, you can have a look at the expenditure statements of your partner’s account. After that, you can check if your spouse has been going out with another person during their work time. Sometimes, your partner might say that their company holds a business meeting, but you can check the bank statement to see the location where they used money. With that, you can conclude whether your spouse is lying to you.

4. Check Your Spouse’s Chrome History

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Many people who have extramarital relations are likely to delete WhatsApp messages and SMS. However, if they have been using online dating apps or other relevant sites, you can check it in their chrome history. Even if their chrome history is deleted, you can check the Autofill passwords option to view which sites they have been using recently.

5. Keep An Eye On Their Social Media Accounts

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If your spouse is actively chatting with someone on social media platforms, it is likely that your partner is cheating on you. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, have become instant message-sharing sites. Hence, if you want to confirm and get evidence, you need to check who your spouse is talking to.

If you know the login ID and password of your partner’s social media accounts, you can check the accounts anytime from anywhere. Because of that, it will be easy to find out with whom your spouse is having extramarital affairs.

6. Use Mobile Tracker

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Sometimes, your spouse might have plans of meeting the person who they are currently interested in and having an extramarital affair. At that moment, your spouse might lie about where they are going. For instance, if your husband or wife is planning to meet their intimate relation at some hotel, your partner may tell you that he or she is having a friend’s reunion at a restaurant.

You can track your partner’s location using the spy apps from the Play Store and App Store. However, If your spouse uses his or her own car, you can check the ‘Your Timeline’ tab on Google Maps to find if your partner has lied about the location.

7. Try to find hidden audio And photo files

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Other than messaging platforms you also need to focus on the hidden photos, audio, or video files. If your spouse often uses various kinds of apps and is aware of how they work, then he or she might use a specific app from the Play Store or App store to hide particular photos, videos, and audios related to their extramarital affair.

Try to keep an eye on your partner’s phone while he or she uses it secretly. With the help of a particular keystroke or a code, you can get access to the hidden images, audio files, and video recordings of your spouse with their affair.

Bottom Line

After analyzing the accuracy of all the possible methods, we have put together this list which includes the best ways to prove your spouse is cheating on you. Hence, if you feel that your partner has been acting suspiciously, you can confirm whether he or she is betraying you by following the above methods.