What Should You Look For When Buying a Goldendoodle

Getting a new dog is always a complex experience that requires a lot of knowledge related to the dog’s needs and our capabilities. After all, dogs require a lot of care and it is preferable to get one that fits our household and lifestyle. This goes double if we are bringing a dog into a family. The family environment is best suited to social dogs, one of the most popular ones being Goldendoodle. The Goldendoodle gets along with kids, pets, and likes being around people. On top of it all, Goldendoodles are great for people who are allergic to dogs. Although they aren’t completely hypoallergenic, no dog is, they are less likely to provoke a response. However, there are still a lot of things to consider. We will list the key things to consider when buying a Goldendoodle, making sure your new family member will fit right in with no issue.

Health check

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When getting a dog we like to check that they are properly healthy in all departments. The first health aspect we consider is the physical health of the dog. This is important not only for the sake of getting a healthy pup but also for the sake of knowing the appropriate treatment the dog may require if we take them home despite their issues.

Although most people aren’t capable of performing a full vet check on the spot, there are a few points of concern one should check. Quick, simple checks you should perform are listed out below.
Take a look at their eyes. The usual look of Goldendoodle’s eyes is rather bright and awake. If there’s a tired look in their eyes or if they have redness in them there may be something off with the pup. This can be due to Goldendoodle not being taken proper care of or due to some underlying issues.

Next up on the quick check are the Goldendoodle’s ears. The inside of their ears should be clean and odorless. If they aren’t they likely have issues that could be tied to infections or parasites.
To reduce worry about the dog’s breathing make sure to check whether it’s regular or not. Irregular breathing or wheezing are clear indicators of respiratory infection. They can also signify some genetic issues but we will get to those in later categories.

Another place where you can find some health problems is the abdomen. Specifically around Goldendoodle’s belly button. This area, along with checks for breathing, should tell you whether the dog has been properly fed or not. A pup that hasn’t been properly fed in its early weeks of life could develop issues later in life. The odd bulges in this area may indicate issues that require veterinary treatment.

The dog’s coat is a very important part of its body. It keeps them safe from weather effects, protects their skin from the sun, keeps dirt and water away, and can even be an indicator of their health. An unhealthy dog, even in its younger days, will have brittle and dry hair. This unhealthy coat usually has an unpleasant smell as well, making it very obvious when a dog isn’t in top shape. When checking Goldendoodles make sure their coat is shiny and without any fleas or ticks. Although shiny, the coat shouldn’t be greasy as this may indicate issues with the condition of the dog’s skin. It should also have no bald patches as this indicates mange, which can be troublesome to deal with depending on the type.

Genetic health is a whole different beast to look into, these can’t be discerned from a simple check but rather from medical records. Make sure to go through both their parents and grandparents, checking for plausible reoccurring issues. Most breeders will put Goldendoodles through health exams before breeding to assure conditions don’t affect puppies. In Goldendoodles, frequent genetic issues are those with hips, elbows, eyes, and heart. The tests on these body parts are done by the specialist, confirming the health of both the dog and its progeny. If the breeder hasn’t performed these checks you may want to get an opinion from somebody qualified before purchasing a pup from them.

Dealing with any health conditions your pup has requires constant health and a firm library of information. For this purpose, we suggest Welovedoodles.com, a site filled to the brim with fantastic advice on keeping your Goldendoodles healthy, satisfied, and properly fed. The regular hygiene and accessories advice can be found on the site as well so no matter whether you already own a Goldendoodle or want to obtain one it’ll prove useful.

Behavior and personality

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Not all dogs act the same and not all dogs have the same personality. This is very important if you have a certain requirement out of a new pet. For example, you live with kids and want a dog who’s friendly with them. In this case, you want to check how the dog responds in different situations.

Goldendoodles, even as puppies, are very friendly. They will seem extremely friendly and social as that’s part of their appeal. However, some situations may usurp this nice personality so it’s best to check if any odd company provokes them.

The first thing to check is how they react to other dogs. This will tell you how they’ll act when taken out for a walk and encountering other dogs but can also be useful if you have another dog at home. It’s possible to tell if they’ll initiate fights through this behavior as well. An aggressive dog can be troublesome to deal with and train, although this may not remove them from being one of the possible picks it will require additional training.

It’s important to see how they respond to other people. After all, a dog that isn’t keen on other people may not be fit for those living with others or bringing frequent guests. While Goldendoodles usually have positive, social behavior it’s not impossible to encounter an outlier. It’s easy to gauge how they react to known and new figures just from the way they approach you during your first meeting.


Source: dailypaws.com

After all we’ve listed it’s necessary to remember that getting a dog is the easiest step of having one as a pet. Constant care, vet checkups, socialization, and other important aspects of having a dog are no less demanding for its owner. Goldendoodle should feel comfortable in your home at any point during your mutual life, with proper affection and care being afforded to them unconditionally. Any oddities they may exhibit after moving in with you should be acted upon to ensure a long and happy life.