What’re Taylor Swift’s Fearless Songs All About?

The very first of Taylor Swift’s re-records are here, meaning that the little window of serenity between today and when she strikes us with the following one starts today.

She has kicked off her expansive strategy to recover control of the masters for her initial six records out of songs exec Scooter Braun along with her 2008 sophomore album– her initial to win the Grammy for Album of the Year (but certainly not her very final ).

I was 17 when Fearless came out that first time, roughly precisely exactly the exact identical era as Taylor once she published it ; listening for it today as a brand new 30-year-old (and Swift today 31) seems like a homecoming.

You couldn’t pay me to relive that era… however, you can undoubtedly provide me Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and allow me to see it for one hour and 46 minutes.

Fearless Platinum Model to be able to, in Taylor’s words, offer us the”complete story, view the whole vibrant picture and allow you in the vibrant dreamscape that’s my daring album”.

The entire story is a crazy one, with all the highs and lows we’ve come to expect out of Taylor Swift records, just longer and currently using 100 per cent more Joe Jonas!

So let us catch our non-skinny jeans, our double-layered cami shirts (why can we do this?) , our paralyzed anxiety illnesses, and haul ourselves thoughts, fearlessly, to Fearless (Taylor’s Version).


When Taylor initially released Fearless, the component of this liner notes “Fearless is getting straight up and fighting for whatever you would like above and over again… although every single time you’ve attempted before.

You have missed it. It is daring to have faith that things will change” The sentiment hits differently today she has released her initial re-recorded record, a yearslong battle to get her job.

The opening track has ever been popular in Fearless; 13 decades later, it will still make you wish to place in your second-best apparel and dancing round in a storm.

Taylor likes to abandon crumbs for her lovers to decode, along with also the tradition that began with her debut album’s hidden messages from the liner notes.

She’d capitalize random characters to spell out key messages providing insight into opinions, cues to that the tunes may be around, or alternative Easter eggs.

Each tune on Fearless had one (notice: the tunes from the vault about the new version don’t ); so the title track’s was”that I LOVED YOU BEFORE I MET YOU.” What’s amusing is she’s stated she was when she wrote the tune, and it’s about her perfect first date.