7 Reasons Why Do Cats Like Cardboard Boxes So Much – 2024 Guide

If you are a cat lover, or you have taken care of this amazing creature at some point in your life, or even if you have solely come across these little furry monsters at your friend’s place, you must have noticed how easy it is for them to have fun with nothing more but things they have at disposal in their surroundings.

Although you can buy expensive toys for a cat and try to enrich their environment with complex polygons specially crafted to fit the needs of an energetic miniature lion, sometimes all they need is a good old cardboard box and an audience they can impress. So, read the following lines and try to figure out the reasons why cats like cardboard boxes so much and see if you and your pet can identify with the following examples.

1. Purr Satisfaction

In case you did not know, cats enjoy safe places, especially the ones they can lurk from as if nobody actually knows where they are hiding. Although your cat might appear to be the cutest creature you have ever crossed paws with, they actually draw origin from the same ancestor as big predator cats such as lions, tigers, and other seemingly dangerous furry creatures. Simply, your cat feels safe and sound in an environment provided by a cardboard box, especially a large one, due to amazing properties cherished by the watchful eye of a hunter your lovely cat truly is.

2. Claw Sharpener

img source: hellobark.com

As we have mentioned earlier, your cat is a predator, and it needs to have its gear ready at all times, just in case a mouse or any other creature that could lure it out from its safe house, shows up out of nowhere. Particularly for that reason, a cat needs to get its claws in shape, and a cardboard box proves to be an ideal tool for such a venture. Namely, they can easily penetrate through the texture while performing all sorts of acrobatics that also contribute to their preparedness to confront whatever challenge might be waiting behind the table or near flowerpots. While doing that, your cat does not only sharpen its claws but also makes them stronger.

3. Perfect Resting Spot

Most cat owners envy their pets on how long their naps last, but they also enjoy watching them do nothing else but purr and vibrate positive energy all around. Thus, if you want to give your pet another place where it can rest and do the rest, which is quite the opposite of napping, waste no more time and get any type of cardboard box you can find, but bear in mind that this time, size does matter. Therefore, the bigger the box, the more comfortable your loving pet will feel. We may never know fully why is that cardboard box of such importance to cats, but the fact is they will not have much more favorite places if they have a cardboard haven at their disposal.

4. It’s OK if it Fits

img source: blog.21stessentialpet.com

Although we have mentioned that your cat would probably enjoy its cardboard box more if it is big, it will still make use of a smaller size cardboard bedding as long as it can fit inside. Cats enjoy being surrounded by all sides with materials they find comfortable, and cardboard would be the answer to what the doctor has ordered if you asked your cat for an opinion. You can even provide your cat with several boxes of different sizes and let her enjoy them as long as it does not start attacking it for only cat-known reasons.

5. They are Fun

Cats have their own ways of interpreting the world around them, so they sometimes treat their cardboard boxes as toys. Namely, although they will enjoy spending their napping time inside them, the chances they will find them guilty and attack them for some reason are pretty high. Do not let this type of behavior worry you since your pets accumulate huge amounts of energy while resting, and it needs to be released somewhere. So, if you find your cat having fun while attacking a cardboard box it used to sleep a few minutes earlier, grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the scene.

6. Private Time

img source: people.com

We reckon you consider your pet as one of your closest friends, and although you might be expecting the same from it, they still enjoy their privacy, sometimes a lot more than we are willing to accept. Because a cat is an animal that enjoys its private time, it should not be surprising if you notice it spends some time away from curious looks. In case you are not aware of it, we should inform you that cardboard provides great sound insulation.

Therefore, when your cat wants to have some alone time, it will probably choose its private cardboard residence to act as its shelter, where it can rest for hours without worrying anyone would disturb it.

7. Stunt Polygon

In case your cat lacks ground for performing various stunts, make sure you gladden it with a brand-new cardboard box and wait for a show to start. Just make sure you open the lid and place a soft pillow at the bottom of the box so your pet can show you what it is capable of. Since cats can use their sharp claws to mount the sides of a box, they will start jumping around and doing all sorts of tricks that defy gravity and please the eye of the one who has the opportunity to watch miracles happen. You will be amazed by the tricks your cat has to offer and will ask yourself why you have not acquired a cardboard box earlier.

We hope we have convinced you to get a cardboard box for your pet as soon as possible. Anyway, at least one, since the more the merrier. Although your cat might destroy it eventually, the show it will present you with will have you searching for a new one in no time. Thus, make yourself and your cat happy, since both of you will enjoy the unexpected wonders a simple cardboard box can provide.