Why You Should Run a Vin Check before Buying a Motorcycle?

One can be too cautious when investing in a motorcycle. They are expensive and the customer would want only the best. Generally, people look at the price, mileage and model of the motorcycle while buying.

That is necessary as well. What they should also keep in mind is checking the VIN number.You can get more details on Vinreport.io regarding the service. VIN is vital to understanding the origin of the motorcycle and useful in many other ways.

Before diving into the details of why VIN is crucial to purchase a motorcycle, it is important to understand what VIN refers to. You will be surprised to know the wealth of information this simple number is having.

What is a VIN?

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VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is known by different names like chassis number l. It consists of a series of alphabets and numbers. Not any random and useless number but each has their significance. It consists of a 17 character identification code.It is mandatory to assign this to all the vehicles that are manufactured. The importance of VIN is like a fingerprint. It is unique and distinctive for each vehicle. They help to keep tabs on ownership updates and in some cases locating stolen vehicles.

Decoding VIN is not as hard as it seems. The first three digits signify the nation of origin. If the nation is a large one then the VIN is split into regions.These first characters could be a combination of alphabets or numbers or both. They are generally known as World Manufacturer Identifiers.

Along with that sometimes the third letter can also give information about the type of vehicle. The division of the manufacturer of the vehicle can also be noted from them.The next section of characters that is from 4th to 9th position give knowledge about the vehicle type, model body and engine type. Here different positions are chosen by the manufacturers to give information. Mostly the eighth position is used to signify the engine type.

The 10th character denoted by an alphabet constitutes the year the vehicle was manufactured in. The 11th position means the plant where the vehicle was manufactured.The last set of characters, from 12th to 17th act as serial numbers and are unique to each vehicle. They are vital for identifying the vehicles

Why is VIN important while buying a motorcycle?

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When you demand access to the VIN number of a motorcycle it will ensure you know whether a bike is legitimate or not. This will inform you if the bike is stolen so that you can refrain from making a mistake.Usually when a report is made for a stolen motorcycle the authorities would flag its VIN. This will let you know if the vehicle is legally sold and will keep you safe from a scam.

Knowing the exact year of manufacturing, model and the region would help you assess the condition of the motorcycle better. VIN contains a wealth of information for you. You can use it to estimate the approximate value of the motorcycle and negotiate with your seller.When the vehicle identification number is run through the computer you can get a detailed history of the motorcycle. This will inform you of any previous accidents or major repairs that the motorcycle has undergone.

If the motorcycle has undergone the ownership of many people then it is an indicator that it might not be worth it to purchase it. The reason being that some irreparable defect is there that is making the owners sell the motorcycle.Sometimes you might need to order some parts for your motorcycle. With a VIN you can know the origin of the vehicle and track down the parts easily. It comes in handy when the vehicle is expensive and one of its kind.

It is completely secure to share the VIN with potential buyers. You can consider it a major red flag if the dealer is not willing to share the VIN with you. Remember that knowledge is power, utilise the VIN to your benefit.

Where can you find a VIN on a motorcycle?

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There are a few locations where you can check to locate Vin of the motorcycle. It can be located near the bike‘s handle or the steering neck.Another place could be on the motor located at the bottom of the cylinder. If it is difficult or you are unable to find the VIN, you can ask the help of a mechanic or the seller.

After you have the VIN in your hand it is easier to decode it and extract information through it. You can run it through the search engine to look for the information you are finding.The internet has conquered many things, decoding a VIN is not too difficult for it. If you still have trouble with it, you can also go to vehicle registration authorities to help you with it.

Remember that no personal information is revealed through it. The name of the address, contact information or the previous owner are not shared. There is no reason for the dealer to hesitate in sharing the vehicle identification number.

To summarise

Acknowledging Vehicle identification number is in the benefit of the buyer and the seller. From the seller’s perspective it caters trust and a good reputation for his dealership company to provide VIN. As for the person purchasing the motorcycle is investing considerable money, the right to correct and clear information should be there to make informed decisions. With just 17 characters, a load of crucial importance will be delivered.

It is in the best interest for everyone to ask for the VIN number and know what they are getting themselves into. Remember you should get your money’s worth from the motorcycle you buy. Experience rejuvenating and fresh rides on the motorcycle for a long time by being smart and utilising VIN.