“Will raise LRS issue in Assembly”: Congress MLA, Jagga Reddy

Hyderabad(Hyd): Congress member of Assembly from Sangareddy T. Jagga Reddy stated that the State govt’s ‘Land Regularization Scheme (LRS)’ has burdened the poverty-stricken & middle class citizens & he’d rise the problem within the Assembly.

As per records, he objected to the govt’s ‘threats’ that plots wouldn’t be lodged in case the LRS fee is not made payment.

He stated that the govt is enforcing a human who purchased 200 yards of plot to pay 40,000 rupees within the LRS scheme that is objectionable.

A Layout Developer has to evident the LRS & pay money to the govt, as they didn’t made payment, the govt as of now enforcing proprietors of the plot within the layout to evident the LRS & pay the money.

T. Jagga Reddy claimed that the govt is not approving any layout & citizens are purchasing plots because of low rates of the plots.

He also stated that the citizens are already suffering because of demonitisation, GST & as of now the COVID-19 epidemic. It’s not fair for the govt to bring this scheme as of now.

Middle-class citizens & salaried class going to be the worst victims as they purchase such plots with loans & savings. The govt could’t fleece them in case it needs amount,” he stated.