Woman’s corpse found in abandoned public toilet at Secunderabad

Hyderabad(Hyd): The partially decomposed body of an unfamiliar lady has been identified under doubtful conditions in a people toilet in Secunderabad on Tue..  The police have lodged a killing complaint noticing that the body had blood (stains) on it.

The body has been identified with just undergarments within the unutilised Sulabh Complex situated within the Railway Bridge towards northern side of Bansilalpet Railway Bridge, that falls within the limits of Market Police Station limits.

As per police authorities, the sufferer suspected to be between 35-40 yrs., might have passed away 2 to 3 days back. She’d a wheatish complexion, & her left hand has been identified to have a green coloured half-moon figure with dots tattoo mark on. All her belongings have been also missing.

Any info leading to the identification of the unfamiliar female demised may be reported to the Police Curb 040-27852333. The informants going to be rewarded suitably & their own details going to be kept confidential, stated police authorities.