Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudraksh Helps Saransh

The Daily episode begins with Prisha getting ready Saransh for sleep. Rudra sees them asleep. He puts Saransh on the bed & makes him sleep. He sees Prisha & lifts her. Yeh hai chahatein…plays…. She talks in sleep.

He smiles & states leave me as of now, please. He imagines don’t really know what’s it, that draws me to you, maybe your love for Saransh.

I also feel that love for Saransh. Its in the morning, Prisha does Saransh’s aarti. Sharda gets the curd & sugar. Rudra jokes. Prisha states your examination w

ill go well. Rudra requests him to have fun & write the examination. Prisha requests him to read queries carefully.

Rudra states he’s a tiger, he’ll pass the examination. Ahana clarifies the on-line examination paper model to Saransh. Saransh gets the paper & states what’s this, its actually hard, going to I pass (or) not. Ahana imagines I m not stupid to make you pass the examination, you won’t gain admission in my educational institution. Rudra requests Saransh to leave it. He requests Ahana why didn’t she watch the paper. Ahana states its not in my hands, educational institution officials decide the examination paper.

Rudra states leave it, I’ll gain your admission finished. Prisha states no, Saransh going to give the examination to try & pass, I’ve taught him not to gain afraid, win & show me. Ahana requests Prisha & Rudra to go out.

Saransh prays. Ahana imagines none could safeguard you today. Prisha states make him capable to be on his own own.

Rudra states I m not kiddish. Prisha requests going to you rise him like this, he’ll depend on you always. Rudra states he’s a kid, its our work to manage him. She states I taught him to fight, not lose, its great he got (1) to really know that nothing comes free in personal life, he’ll work (5) tough.

Rudra states you accomplish what you need, I’ll accomplish what I need. She states I won’t let you accomplish anything unfair. Rudra states Prisha is strange, what’s the want to accomplish this, I’ll support Saransh my way.

He calls the principal & talks regarding Saransh’s examination. He requests for the query paper. She states I’ll send it. He gets the examination paper. He states as of now watch Saransh, just how you top.

Gopal states I’ve an imp work (5), I’ll just come. Vasu requests where are you going. He states I m fine, work (5) is imp. She requests him what’s the work (5)., he could’t go without telling anything.

He states fine, I m going to Zaveri to gain your jewelry. She requests him not to go, does he have five lakhs. He states we’ll break Saransh’s FD, we’ll make FD again, my pension is coming, you’ll gain your fav necklace.

Vasu imagines Mishka has my necklace, I’ll go along & locate out. She states I’ll also come along, have coffee. Rudra looks for paper.

He requests Prisha to gain a paper fast else he’ll forget his own song lines.

She imparts him papers. Rudra checks the papers & states who sets such a paper, I m detecting answers on-line with difficulty. He makes chits so that Saransh passes. Saransh writes the examination.

Ahana goes & sits far away. Rudra throws the chits. Ahana requests what happened, target. Saransh hides the chits.

Rudra requests him to copy the answers. Saransh gets stunned. Rudra states as of now none could block you from becoming a top. He finishes the examination. Ahana states we’ll really know the result today. She calls the principal & requests her to see Saransh’s answer sheet well. Principal states okay, I’ll tell you in case he passes (or) fails.

Ahana states you’ll fail him. Principal requests what. Ahana states I don’t care in case he passes, I taken the examination just for Rudra’s sake, you’ll ensure that he fails. Principal agrees. Saransh comes to Prisha & states examination has been hard.

however I gave all this answers. Ahana comes & states I’ve submitted the answers, we’ll really know in case he passes (or) fails. She requests Rudra just how could he accomplish this, just how could he inquire principal for query paper link (connection). She states you did this to make Saransh pass by deceiving. She states I really know you well.

I informed the principal to send you unfair query paper link (connection), your hardwork got (1) waste.

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