Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th August 2023 Episode Written Update: Prisha and Rudra’s romance

The Daily episode begins with Prisha derogatory Rudra. Everybody imagines why is she doing his own offend. Rudra requests her to block it. Prisha states he’s a fraud star, a deceive & a cheap person. He slaps her. Everybody gets stunned.

Vasu imagines why did Prisha say this, I m sure blackmailer has obliged her. Yuvraj requests Gopal is she happy as of now, Prisha got (1) slapped ahead of live television, this slap is on us.

I could’t watch this, I m going there. Gopal states you won’t come in between, I’ll watch Prisha. Yuvraj requests him to accomplish something. Rudra angrily scolds Prisha. He states my fans accomplish issue to me, in case any lady informs me that I utilized her, I’ll quit singing. Prisha states you’ve utilized me, this slap is a evidence. He states its evidence that you’re arrogant & liar, sorry Chetna, I’d come here for interview, not for this, end it. Balraj

goes. Rudra goes upstairs. Prisha requests him to block, she won’t let him go. Rudra states you’ve finished a lot.

She states I’ll send you to jail. Ahana scolds Prisha. She states Rudra isn’t like that, what’s the ladies theory, you’ve got (1) over our heads.

Rudra sees the chandelier falling down. He shouts Prisha & gets stunned.

He runs to safeguard Prisha. They both fall aside. The chandelier falls. Everybody is stunned. Yuvraj gets stunned seeing this on live television. Rudra sees Prisha. They’ve an eyelock.

Hawayein…..plays…. The flower petals fall over them. Rudra requests are you fine. Prisha states yes, you’re there to safeguard me. They smile. Rudra signs the chandelier. It rise. She looks in him. Ahana requests what’s happening here.

Everybody claps & states surprise….. I m sure my viewers are also surprised like this, lets return & begin the show. She requests what has been all that. Prisha states it has been Rudra’s test, he moved it. Rudra states it has been Prisha’s test also. Prisha states my shouting in him & his own slap has been a drama.

we scheduled this, however Rudra risked his own personal life to safeguard me, it wasn’t a drama, we didn’t schedule it, it shows he’s so loving & caring spouse, he’s a great dad for Saransh. Ahana states what rubbish, going to you say that slap has been fraud. Prisha states yes, it has been a drama.

Rudra acts to slap Prisha with the impact of sound. Prisha states he didn’t even touch me, fact is he respects ladies a lot, he cries for his own mum’s pain.

Chetna states I really know this is Rudra’s real image, he’s saved you in style, we all have witnessed the flower shower.

we need to really know why they did the big drama. Prisha states when Rudra joined educational institution, everybody joked on him, I’d posted a video footage to tell his own fact, even afterwards they criticized him.

I wanted to show real Rudra so we did the drama. Rudra states Chetna supported us. Prisha states gratitude for organising the show in house. Chetna states we got (1) to watch the fact, Prisha could accomplish anything to make his own image best.

Rudra could accomplish anything to safeguard him, Prisha is lucky to gain a romantic spouse. Prisha states I has been surprised.

I m lucky to gain a loving spouse. Rudra states I m lucky to gain a powerful & supportive spouse, Saransh is my lucky mascot, they’re my family (4), I could accomplish anything for them, their own issues are mine,

I’ll answer the 1 who rises a finger in them, I could give my personal life for Saransh.Chetna states I wish everybody gets such a family (4).

Gopal & Vasu smile. Gopal smiles & states half fact is dangerous than fact, don’t give judgment shortly, watch Rudra. Yuvraj leaves.

He calls his own person & scolds him. The person requests didn’t the chandelier fall, did they alter the chandelier. Yuvraj states I’ve to clarify Rahul as of now. Neerja praises Rahul.

She states Rudra is a great spouse & great dad, they’ve great tuning, hats off. Rahul states you’re watching television from long.

He imparts her the medicine. He requests her to take (2) rest. Its in the morning, Ahana states you must have witnessed the drama.

Balraj states I’ve witnessed Rudra slapping Prisha. Ahana states no, he didn’t slap her.

He requests what, I’d witnessed it. She states they did a drama, that slap has been fraud, they utilized sound, there has been tacky romantic drama, chandelier fallen, Rudra saved Prisha, there has been a floral shower, all this performed.

this interview has been a big success, however citizens are liking Prisha as well. Balraj gets angry & states I didn’t wish this to happen, I wanted Prisha to gain a real slap, I didn’t schedule all this for a slap. Ahana requests what are you informing.

He states I’d to schedule this, I’d blackmailed Prisha so that Rudra slaps her & she gets offended. Ahana gets stunned.

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