Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Prisha Lands In Trouble

The Daily episode begins with Prisha informing I m going to the hospital (3) to participate an old patient, Neerja. Vasu states fine. Prisha rushes to hospital (3). She meets Neerja & requests the reason for the bleeding. She requests did she eat any outdoor meal (or) fallen down. She states its not a great sign, we must go cesarean shortly.

I m worried for Neerja & baby. Rahul & Neerja inquire her to safeguard the baby. Saransh comes to Rudra & states my friend stated his own dad is stricter than you, I stated you’ve much power. Rudra states yes, I could beat anybody. Saransh states I informed him, you won’t be scared even in case his own dad is a boxer.

Rudra states I m not scared. Saransh states I informed Ayaan to make his own dad fight you tomorrow. Rudra requests why are you doing this, I could’t accomplish boxing, he’ll punish me a lot. Saransh states its regarding my respect. Rudra states don’t gain me offended, please, my respect is bigger.

Saransh states you’re my Rudra, you’re the finest, you’ll win, everybody habituated to joke regarding me, I’ve you as of now, I’ll pray for your victory. Rudra states yes, your respect is my respect, I’ll fight for you. Saransh gratitude him. Ahana comes to Rudra.

He states sorry. She requests what has been Saransh informing regarding the fight. He states Saransh dedicated to Ayaan that their own dad going to have a fight, I m doing this for him, I could’t wound him. She states you gave gone mad, Ayaan’s dad is also mad. He states no, he’s a fighting, boxing winner.

She requests are you severe, you’ve gone mad, you’re a celebrity, your face could gain damaged, you won’t listen to me, God bless you. She imagines he got (1) much attached to Saransh, once I locate out regarding Saransh’s dad, afterwards Saransh won’t be here.

Prisha requests Rahul did he wish for this child, just how did the records say that. Rahul states we wanted the child, what had come within the records. She states we got (1) the miscarriage medicine trace in her blood. He states what, we scheduled a lot for the baby, see the records. She states same result had come twice, she has been taking medicines at the right time, right, did you gain the medicines, show me.

He states I’ll inquire housemaid to send the medicine pics. Sania comes there to meet her. She states bleeding didn’t happen after taking the medicine. Prisha requests just how could this happen, pregnancy gets terminated on the same day. Sania states nurse had given me the medicine. She shows the medicine strip. Prisha gets stunned. She imagines this has been to be given to Neerja, just how did she gain it, it means the medicines got (1) exchanged.

Rahul comes & states housemaid had sent the pic. He shows the pic of medicines. Prisha gets stunned. She imagines their own medicines turned, that’s why Neerja’s state is so bad. She scolds the nurse for the error. Nurse cries & recalls her error. She states I has been in tension regarding the calls, forgive me. Prisha states in case anything happens to Neerja (or) baby… She scolds the nurse & requests her to send Rahul inside. She states Neerja & Sania’s medicines got (1) swapped, Neerja taken the miscarriage pill. Rahul gets stunned.

She states sorry, it has been a error. He states its an offence, you attempted to murder my spouse & baby, I informed you that Neerja trusts you, don’t break her trust. He shouts on her & warns her. He states I’ll gain your doctor’s licence postponed & ruin your name in case anything happens to my spouse & child.

She states calm down, I know your emotions, I really know its a big error, I assure, I’ll try my finest to safeguard your spouse & baby, Neerja is my friend, don’t threaten me. He scolds her. Nurse states you must punish me. She cries & states its not Prisha’s error, I’d given the unfair medicine.

Prisha states I’ll handle it, go from here. Nurse states sorry, why going to you take (2) blame on yourself, Prisha informed me clearly regarding medicines, I has been busy on phone & gave unfair medicine, you could complain regarding me.

Rahul states don’t cover her, it has been Prisha’s responsibility, not yours, Prisha is Neerja’s doctor. Prisha states sufficient, accomplish anything you need, I’ll accomplish what I locate right. She rushes to Neerja.

Rudra states Prisha didn’t come yet, why am I missing her. He gets Rajeev’s diary & states he’s written his own emotions in this. He opens the window. He sits there to read. He states the name got (1) erased, maybe Prisha, he loved Prisha. He reads the diary & imagines of Prisha.

Yeh hai chahatein….plays… He states why am I thinking of all this, this happened with Rajeev so he’d written it, Rajeev loved Prisha (or) because Prisha deceived him, everything turned as of now, I could’t believe that she deceived him, just how could she break his own heart, Rajeev loved her a lot.

Prisha could’t accomplish this, there is something, however what, I m thinking again regarding her. Neerja states let me go to my baby. Prisha & Rahul come. Neerja requests regarding her baby. Prisha states you’d a beautiful baby lady. Neerja requests what accomplish you mean.

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