Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Prisha takes a tough stand

The Daily episode begins with Prisha in search of Saransh. She states nice, Rudraksh initiated the rehearsals. Rudra sings going to you marry me…. Prisha smiles. She states you must sleep as of now. Saransh states you really know Rudra had sung this song when we met him first time.

They dance. Saransh requests Rudra to come & sleep with him. Rudra states I’ve to rehearse. Prisha imagines why is Saransh so scared.

Rudra requests is there any issue. Prisha states no, Saransh don’t gain stubborn, come & sleep. Saransh states please. Rudra states let him be here, in case he feels sleepy, I’ll gain him to you, you also need to hear my song. She states no, bring Saransh to me. She imagines in case Saransh sleeps here & wets the bed, afterwards…. no I’ll take (2) him in sometime.

Its in the morning, Prisha looks for Saransh. She sees him sleeping with Rudra. She checks in case Saransh has wet the bed. Rudra wakes up. Prisha states you scared me. Rudra states you scared me, what have been you seeing. She states I has been waking him up.

He states he conducted my hand & slept, he doesn’t need to go to his own room, something is unfair, I’ll inquire him. She states he wanted to sleep with you.

He states he has been scared, he wasn’t prepared to go to his own room, is there something, what happened, is there any issue. Prisha imagines what shall I accomplish. She states I’d to tell you something.

He requests is Saransh fine, tell me, what are you hiding. Prisha states let me say. Balraj comes & states I m so excited, Ahuja also liked the idea, he’s coming, we’ll talk to him. Prisha gets a call.

Nurse states a lady is confessed, her delivery is due, she’s infection positive, she’s in pain. Prisha states so what, I’ll come & talk to HOD, her delivery going to happen, what in case anything happens to the lady (or) her child, I m coming. Balraj stops her & states you’re risking our lives by taking this complaint.

Prisha states any different doctor could also reject, that lady needs me. Balraj states I want my family (4). Prisha states I’ve to accomplish my work, Rudra clarify him. Rudra states dad is right, sorry,

you could’t risk the family (4). Balraj states you won’t go anywhere. Prisha states sorry, I won’t listen to you.

Rudra states in case you gain contaminated afterwards, I could’t take (2) risk for Saransh. Prisha states all doctors have kids, they’re also functioning within the hospital (3), who’ll handle the patient, you’re stopping me. Balraj states my call won’t alter by your lecture.

Prisha states in case any doctor didn’t handle me & Saransh that day. Rudra states you weren’t contaminated.

Prisha states doctors don’t really know regarding sufferers, I m lucky to really know regarding the patient’s infection, I’ll take (2) precaution.

think of your state that day, in case doctors didn’t handle Saransh that day, you’d have lost Saransh, that lady is carrying, none is there to safeguard her, you’re stopping me, we could’t becomes so mean.

you postponed the concert to safeguard your fans, could’t I think for my patient, its a big responsibility, in case Saransh knows that I left the patient to pass away, what going to I teach him.

I’ll go for my & Saransh’s sake, none could block me. Balraj states I’ll make you out of this home, like I has been prepared to make Rudra out. Prisha states accomplish anything, however I’ll go.

Rudra states Prisha going to go to the hospital (3), she’ll safeguard that carrying lady & that child, you won’t block her.

Balraj states fine, Prisha you’ll be accountable for what happens with you. He goes. Rudra states I’ll drop you, come. Prisha gets prepared. She sees Saransh sleeping & states I m going to hospital (3) to handle the infection infection patient, I may not meet you for 14 days, you’ll feel proud of my work (5), take (2) care.

Rudra drops Prisha in the hospital (3). She advises him to take (2) care of himself & Saransh. He states relax, you go, all this finest, I worry for Saransh & for you too.

Yeh hai chahatein….plays…. She states I remember we’re together for Saransh. She requests him to leave her dupatta.

He requests what, I didn’t hold anything, I m innocent. She sees dupatta stuck. He states you wanted me to hold the dupatta & block you. She states not in dreams, go house & take (2) precautions.

She imagines I m mad, why going to he hold my dupatta, we’re together just for Saransh. Rudra states she’s solid attitude & courage, she’s going knowing the risk.

He prays for her. Prisha meets the patient Usha. Usha’s spouse Naresh states none is contributing my spouse. Prisha requests nurse to accomplish the tests, its imp to immediately operate her, we’ve no option, I’ll talk to HOD.

She requests Usha not to worry & just take (2) a long breath. She goes to HOD & requests him to watch the patient’s state.

HOD states she’s infection positive, the infection could spread. Prisha states we could make separate ward for that patient. He states you won’t handle that lady here. She requests are you threatening to fire me. He states you’ll be losing the job. She argues & states I’ll handle the patient.

you type my termination letter, I’ll safeguard their own lives. She devises herself & goes.