Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Rudra stands by Prisha

The Daily episode begins with Naresh requesting why isn’t the baby crying, is the baby fine. Prisha worries. Everybody looks on. Rudraksh requests just how going to Prisha handle the baby. Sharda requests where are you going. Rudra states I m going to Prisha, take (2) care of Saransh. Ahana states she’s infection contaminated. She smiles & imagines I’ll tell Balraj & he’ll watch you. Prisha imagines this happened when Saransh has been born. She requests the baby to open eyes for his own mum & dad. Usha cries. Naresh worries. Prisha requests the baby to watch his own family (4). The baby begins crying. Naresh & Usha smile. Journalist states Prisha had prayed for the baby & it performed. Prisha states she’s a baby lady, congrats. Journalist states congrats from our side also. Nurse requests where going to we take (2) the patient. Hod states they’ll be handled here, no want to go, Prisha recommended us to keep a separate ward, I spoke to Mgmt, we equipped a special ward, so we’d to gain delivery finished here.

Prisha states I really know it takes time, I hope next time it doesn’t happen. He states yes, sorry. She requests him to say sorry to Usha. She states we’ve to fight with the epidemic together. Journalist requests HOD in case Prisha going to have her job (or) not. HOD states of course, her job going to be there, we’re proud of Prisha, she’s a great doctor. Usha’s mum comes & states I need to watch my grand-daughter. Prisha states you could’t watch as of now, we’ve to gain baby tested for infection. The lady states I need to make her taste some of the honey. Prisha requests Naresh to accomplish it. Usha states Prisha, you gave a personal life to my daughter, I need you to accomplish this shagun. Naresh states yes, you’ve a right to accomplish this. The lady stops Prisha. Journalist states she saved Usha & the baby’s personal life, why are you rejecting. The lady states they don’t really know Prisha’s fact, she’s an unwed mum, I won’t let her shadow fall on the baby, its great that lady named & informed me everything. Ahana imagines it happened as I imagined. She recalls calling the lady Mrs. Kumar & telling regarding Prisha. Ahana states this is so embarrassing, media is calling to inquire in case its true regarding Prisha. She switches off her phone. Balraj states this lady going to gain me defamed. Sharda requests just how did Mrs. Kumar really know this personal issue. Ahana requests accomplish you still worry for Prisha, our family (4) name is spoiling. Balraj states sufficient, I don’t need to watch this information. Sharda states I need to watch. Mrs. Kumar offends Prisha.

Rudra comes & shouts sufficient. He states Prisha got (1) your granddaughter into this globe, the baby wasn’t crying, Prisha have given her a heartbreat, she gave a personal life to your daughter, Prisha is characterless, yes, because she saves remaining’ lives, she fights with family (4) for remaining, in case she’s characterless, afterwards everybody must be characterless, just she’s humanity in her, that’s why Usha & her daughter are alive. He scolds the lady. He requests what accomplish you really know regarding the past, why did she give birth to her son & rised him, Prisha has shown bravery, she understood that citizens like you’ll taunt her, she’s doing a mum & dad’s work, what did you accomplish, she’s your daughter, you understood your daughter is carrying & contaminated, you left her to pass away, did you forget that she are Usha’s mum, you’ll as of now know who’s characterless & who isn’t, Prisha demonstrated courage & saved Usha & her baby, she isn’t unlucky, she’s a blessing for you & your family (4), you must fold hands to her, you need to say bad to her, don’t point a finger in her, appreciate her, tell her that she’s a Lord in person avatar, who fights demise & saves lives, hats off to you.

Everybody claps for Prisha & Rudra. Usha states Prisha, accomplish the shagun, whatever my mum informs. Prisha does the ritual. Rudra states Prisha, you’ve to gain your right. He requests Mrs. Kumar to say sorry to Prisha. Usha states yes, you’ve to say sorry, mum. Mrs. Kumar apologizes to Prisha. Prisha states its okay, these things don’t issue to me, I really know who I m, its imp that I could watch myself in mirror, citizens have work (5) to talk, my work (5) is to live & let remaining live, we’ll confess Usha fast. She sends Usha. Rudra & Prisha appreciate journalists for coming on short circular. Prisha gratitude Rudra for supporting her. He states you gain happy shortly, I did this for Saransh, so that he doesn’t gain wound, I did this for my family (4), you stay with us as of now, I did this for Rajeev, whom you murdered, I don’t need Saransh to be named an illegitimate. He goes. Prisha cries.

Gopal states Rudra is arrogant, rude & a big rockstar, I imagined he’ll speak over Prisha, however he’s… Yuvraj comes & states Prisha got (1) offended, I’ll locate out, its Rudra’s schedule. Vasu states Prisha named the journalist. Yuvraj states Prisha going to inquire Rudra to support, she doesn’t really know journalists, we must gain Prisha now. Gopal requests Vasu to clarify him, in case he saw the overall information, afterwards this would haven’t happened. He states Rudra taken a stand for Prisha, he did a spouse’s work, its great Prisha chose a human like Rudra, else citizens are so selfish, I really know 1, he did a killing & blamed his own would be spouse. Yuvraj coughs. Vasu imparts him water.

Vasu requests did you really know that lady. Gopal states yes, I could’t remember the old complaint, the lady proved her innocence & got (1) free of that blame & that cheap person. He imagines I could’t tell the fact to Vasu. Yuvraj worries & imagines he offends me a lot, once I gain Prisha & Saransh, I’ll killing him. Ahana states Rudra approached Prisha to safeguard her, what happened to him, Prisha murdered Rajeev, Rudra is taking her side instead taking revenge, he’s going over us, he’s rejecting to you as of now, look in him, he has been prepared to leave the home, she snatched Rajeev, we’ll lose everything to her. Balraj imagines