Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Ahana gets to know about Preesha’s suspension

Daily episode starts with Rudraksh presents Saaransh to the photographer who had come to click family (4) photo. Saaransh gets excited hearing that. They takes plenty of photos in various poses. Gopal informs Rudraksh that Preesha habituated to tell him he’s finest dad for her however he feels Rudraksh is finest dad within the globe.

Rudraksh states he did nothing big. Gopal states kids gain strength from their own parents & Rudraksh gave that strength to Saaransh. He apologize for the initial phase behaviour & states Vasudha too wants him to stay with Saaransh & Preesha forever. Rudraksh states their own blessings are sufficient for him.

Thereafter, Ahana sees Preesha in cafe & wonders what’s she doing there in place of going to hospital (3). She calls her to really know the fact, Preesha lies to her informing she’s going into the operation theater & cuts the call. Preesha feels so bad for keep cunning & imagines to tell the fact to Rudraksh. Ahana gets happy knowing that Preesha cunning to whole family (4). She calls Mishka to notify regarding Preesha’s lie & they rules to go hospital (3) to locate out why Preesha cunning to everybody.

Saaransh gets punishment for not doing homework. Rudraksh shocks knowing that & feels bad that his own son facing offend of whole class. He too joins Saaransh within the punishment. Saaransh requests why Rudraksh holding the ear.

Rudraksh states as of now Saaransh is not alone, his own dad is with him & states it has been his own error that he provided onam celebration that’s why Saaransh couldn’t accomplish his own homework. Saaransh requests him to go from there informing his own friends laughing on him. Rudraksh states that’s not issue. Saaransh’s teacher informs them that the punishment is over & requests Rudraksh to go to participate his own class. Rudraksh schedules 1 extra surprise for Saaransh.

Rahul states it’s being 3 days that he alerted Preesha still he didn’t gain any answer from her. He requests Yuvraj that what to accomplish as of now. Yuvraj requests him to not gain hyper. Rahul states he’s facing plenty of loses due to Rudraksh afterwards just how could he stay calm & requests why Preesha not contributing him when he informed she’s with Rudraksh for Saaransh.

Yuvraj states Preesha is stupid & she’s with Rudraksh because he’s doing lot for Saaransh & threatens him to not compare him with Rudraksh. Yuvraj calls Girish & scolds him for washing the car in place of doing for what he went there & shares his own schedule with him & imagines as of now Preesha going to listen him.

Rudraksh surprises demonstrating the photos they clicked on onam celebration day. Saaransh gets so happy seeing those photos in big frames & they video footage calls Preesha to surprise her. Preesha cuts the call & rules to tell Rudraksh everything. Ahana & Mishka gets to really know regarding Preesha’s suspension from Nurse.

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