Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 16th September 2022 Episode Written Update

Salma Behaving Like A Baby. Roshni Cries & States Mum Turned To A Baby. Phupi Goes To Talk. Salma Pushes Her & Cries. Roshni States Baby Is Crying A Lot.

She Goes To Console Salma. Salma Holds Her Hand & States Mumma. Roshni Gets Emotional. Tabeezi States We Can Help The Baby In complaint We Actually really know His own own Mum. She Gets The Powder.

She States We Got (1) To Actually really know That That Jinn Is Baby, We Going to Locate Out His own own Mum By Putting This Powder On The Book. Roshni Recalls The Baby Jinn. Tabeezi Puts The Powder On The Book.

Aman States Its Not Obvious, Just just how Going to We Actually really know The Baby’s Mum. Roshni Goes Out To The Flowers. She Sees One Flower’s Soul & Recalls Her Lost Baby. Aman States Who Is The Mum Of This Child.

Roshni Comes There With Armaan. She Comes & Stands There In The Pic Shadow. Everyone Gets Stunned Seeing Her.

Aman appeals is the baby jinn our child. Roshni nods. They gain stunned. Aman gets sad. Aman states we had our baby & we didn’t actually really know. Roshni states we never imagined that Kaala jinn going to send our baby in third lamp.

Aman states he did this intentionally knowing he won’t injury our baby. Roshni states what shall we accomplish, we can’t actually really know the name & lose the babies. He states we can’t injury the baby.

She states we have to locate some way, Rehan & Shayari may locate out. Aman states I hope so. Shayari states I m going home. Rehan lifts her. He states we have to reach home today, hold me tight.

He runs. Aman & everyone come to Salma. Roshni states we got (1) to actually really know who you’re, we didn’t think we can meet you some day, why did you not come before, we lost you a lot.

Aman states we imagined you’re our enemy, you’re our family (4), just just how can we help me, tell us just just how can we help you. Roshni states tell us.

The baby goes far from Salma. Salma states Roshni, what happened, why are you talking to me like this. Roshni hugs her & appeals are you fine. Salma states yes. Aman appeals where is baby’s soul. Roshni states maybe he went. Aman appeals where.

Roshni cries & takes cares of Armaan. She states we were happy to gain Armaan, we forgot the sorrow of losing the different baby, we have Two babies now

She states the baby going to be dying to come to us. Aman states we will help him. Roshni states we don’t actually really know his own own wish. Tabeezi comes & appeals did baby soul give any hint. Aman states no.

Tabeezi states we have to locate his own own wish, I can accomplish One thing, I want your help. Rehan & Shayari come home. Shayari appeals are you a jinn (or) rocket, so much speed. Rehan appeals her to come. They see the Kaala jinn coming. Kaala jinn cages them in the bottle.

Tabeezi gets the flowers. She states this is aabe rooh, I will put this in the pot, we will actually really know what does baby soul want. She puts the liquid in the pot. Dadi takes Armaan.

The baby soul flower holds Armaan’s flower & burns it. Everyone gets stunned. Aman appeals what does it mean. Salma states I remember, baby’s soul has come to take (2) Armaan.

Dadi gets in the spell. Tabeezi states various child wants to killing Armaan. Aman appeals where is Armaan. Roshni states Dadi has him. She goes to stop Dadi. Dadi stares in them. Roshni states Armaan….Rehan tries to accomplish his own own magic.

He fails. Shayari states gain us out of here. Kaala jinn states I won’t let you come in my way.

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