Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 17th September 2023 Episode Written Update

Roshni & Aman Requesting The Baby To Give Them Armaan. Aman States We Aren’t Your Enemy, However Your Parents. Baby/Dadi Cries & Throws The Toys In Them. Aman Calls Baazigar. Roshni Stops Him From Utilizing The Magic. Aman States We Won’t Harm You, Give Us The Baby.

Roshni States Don’t Accomplish This, We Don’t Really know Why You Are Angry, We Are Sorry, We Didn’t Wish To Lose You, Have been Have been Unlucky To Lose You, Give Us Armaan Back. Aman States We Are A Family (4), We Going to Stay Together. Baby Leaves From Dadi’s Body & Takes Armaan With Him. Dadi Faints. Aman & Roshni Run After Armaan.

Shayari Curses The Kaala Jinn. Rehan & Shayari Try Their own Magic & Fail. Aman States The Door Is Locked.

Roshni Requests Baby Soul To Open The Door. Baby Soul Leaves Armaan In The Crib. Roshni Requests Aman To Accomplish Something. Tabeezi Requests Him To Utilize Magic. Roshni States No, We Ruled Not To Utilize Magic. Aman Breaks The Door & They Gain In. They Watch Armaan’s Soul With The Baby Soul. They Gain Stunned. The Babies Disappear.

Roshni Requests Aman Not To Worry, They Going to Gain Both Babies Back. They Cry. Aman States Kaala Jinn Deceived Us & Taken Armaan. Roshni States Yes, He Wanted To Take (2) Armaan From Us. Aman States Why Doesn’t He Leave Our Baby. Tabeezi States There Could Be 1 Reason, Come With Me.

She Puts Some of the Coals On The Book. She States Evil Could Be Mighty, However Its Specific That It Going to End, Great Power Is Born To End The Evil.

They Watch A Picture. They Watch Armaan Attacking Kaala Jinn. Tabeezi States So This Is Written In Fate, It Means Kaala Jinn Going to Pass away On The Day When He Fights With Ayana & Jinn’s Child. Aman States It Means Kaala Jinn Understood Armaan Going to Murder Him. Roshni States So He Has been After Armaan.

Aman States So He Performed This Trick & Taken Him. Tabeezi States Yes, He Wants To Murder Armaan So That He Could Alter Fate. Aman States We Won’t Let This Happen.

Aman & Roshni Go Out Of The Home & Shout Baby Soul…. Armaan… Come Out. Roshni Cries. They Watch The Baby Souls Appearing. Roshni States Please Don’t Leave Us, We Love You As Much As We Love Armaan, No Parents Differentiate Between Kids, I Has been Sorrowful To Lose You, I Don’t Need To Lose You Again.

We Going to Stay Together, Happy, Come Back Please. Aman Hugs Her. He States Its My Error, I Couldn’t Protect You, I Going to Not Forgive Myself, You Are Doing A Error To Give Your Brother To Kaala Jinn, Kaala Jinn Going to Murder Armaan & You, Just You Both Could Murder Him.

Please Listen To Us, Give Us Armaan Back, Come Back To Us. Roshni Gets Armaan Back. Aman Sees The Baby Soul Gone. Roshni Requests Where Did He Go. Aman States He Left.

She States We Inquired Him To Stay With Us. She Requests Baby Soul To Come Back. Dadi & Phupi Come To Them.

Dadi States Appreciate God, We Got (1) Armaan Back. Phupi States Come Fast, We Have To Show Something. They Watch The 3rd Letter Left By The Baby On The Black Board.

They Read Za. Salma States It Means We Have Crossed The 3rd Difficulty. Dadi States We Have Won The Baby Soul.

Roshni States I Wish He Resided Back, Why Did He Go Back. Tabeezi States No, His own Incomplete Wish Has been His own Parents’ Love, He Saw Love & Got (1) Free From His own Globe, Kaala Jinn Could Come Anytime.

We Must Locate His own Name. Aman States We Could Make Numerous Names By These 3 Letters. Aman & Roshni Write The Possible Names. Roshni Writes Zalala.

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