Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 28th August 2024 Episode Written Update

Rehan comes to Aman & states that brother he didn’t gain the diamond ring. Shayari has sent that dessert. Rehan Aman states that Urban can’t accomplish this. You must trust him The family (4) members shout. Here, Tabiji comes to really know that the child of lights is going to be tonight. Everyone goes. Nearby roshni, we watch that the roshni are in diamond rings.

Mahira comes there & imparts Aman the ring & states. I’ll tell you thereafter Tabiji states that this ring roshni has to be made by you. Aman increases his own personal life & crosses the rings of fire & he goes to put on the ring roshni & wears them. Mahira discloses all this fact to everybody & states that someone of Shayari Bhabhi in it. Not a error, Roshni states that no error is so big that it can’t be forgiven.

After that aman requesting to tabeezi about roshini delivery time however tabeezi stops him & close the door because jinn could’t listen their own voice. Aman requesting to tabeezi jinn knows everything however just how we conceal him. Tabeezi states we don’t have time from as of now equipped for delivery. Aman requesting his own questions to tabeezi. Tabeezi suggests a resolution to safeguard roshini & her unborn child as the jinn close in.

Thereafter all this family (4) members close the doors because could’t witnessed the jinn what happen in house.Tabiji states to send the roshni up, send the light up quickly to Aman, otherwise Aman, whom we can’t live for long, Aman & Rehan, utilizing their own power, try to send the light’s soul up, suddenly black gin Lead breaks the power Aman saves the roshni.

Shayari also comes there to support out Roshni however she has been unable to accomplish it & Roshni & her soul remain inside the home. A person ruled that he’s to fight with Kaala Jinn safeguard his own kid & he states to Roshni & he hated his own dad for doing this error & as of now he hates her as well & hates himself that he imparts her the opportunity to betray him in such a way. Rehan stops Shayari & states I got (1) to really know regarding your reality that you’re a jinn hunter & she gets stunned.


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