Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Rehan Cares For Shayari

The Daily episode begins with Aman, Roshni & Tabeezi coming house. Roshni requests why is it so dark, where did everybody go. She calls out everybody. Lights come. She gets surprised. Dadi, Salma & Phupi come & congratulate Roshni.

Sara & Saima also congratulate her. Dadi states I m actually happy for you both, your baby going to gain a new in the morning within the home. Salma states you’re getting emotional. They dance. Aman requests Roshni not to dance.

Naurachi….plays…. Rehan comes & joins them. Roshni recalls the deal & gets sad. Aman hugs her.

Its in the morning, Roshni wakes up. She sees the lovely windchimes & hears the sound. Aman smiles. She states you did this. He states yes, I need you & baby to stay in calm behaviour.

She states baby going to go on me, your height is less & color is also dark. He states I really know & smiles. He states your height is so tall, so no heels as of now. She requests are you taunting me.

He states I could’t joke with my own spouse, I need you to wear flats. He makes her wear flats. She smiles.

Dadi requests Phupi to shut the window else the rain water going to gain in. Rehan imagines its still raining, I just imagined it’ll rain for half an hour. Shayari feels cold & states I’ll gain the amount, I’ll fix everything. She stands in rain & gets dizzy. She falls down.

Rehan comes & sees her. He lifts her & takes her. Shayari holds his own hand & states your operation going to happen, I’ll gain the amount, don’t cry. He feels bad. Aman surprises Roshni. She smiles seeing so numerous toys.

He states this wall is pink & blue, so that we don’t argue. She states citizens have divided colors also, I m a lady however like blue, in case our baby boy liked pink afterwards. He shifts color to pink by his own magic. He states we’ll love him a lot.

She states yes, we’ll decide the color thereafter. He states we lost much time, I assure to give you much happiness. He holds her & hugs. Kaala jinn appears & maintains an eye on them. He questions that Roshni is carrying.

Dadi checks Shayari’s temp. She states she’s high fever. Rehan states I informed her to accomplish a work (5), she got (1) so drenched.

Rehan calls manager & states locate out Shayari’s family (4) members, give her 6 mos advance salary, I m not deleting her from that job. He gets a video footage. He sees her putting candles. He states she did this intentionally & lied….

Natasha comes to his own room. She throws his own clothes out of cupboard. She utilizes some of the spray & gets the dagger. Aman comes to Roshni & stops her.

He cleans the water drops on the floor & states you can have fell down. She states I’d have fell due to your scream.

Natasha fails to hold the dagger. Roshni states who’s it… They go to Rehan’s room. Natasha hides. They watch the room messed. They watch the dagger. Aman states its not great that its here. Natasha imagines its not easy to approach it.

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