Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Kaala Jinn Attacks Aman

The Daily episode begins with Sidra thinking my phone is kept there, maybe Kaala jinn knows regarding baby. She goes out of circle & takes phone. Tabeezi requests her to return inside the circle fast. Sidra’s eye color shifts. Tabeezi requests Roshni is she fine. Roshni nods. Rehan states your loan going to be forgiven in case you accept the engagement, I’ll pay extra. Shayari states you aren’t so rich to purchase me.

He states you’re misunderstanding me, I could’t tell you the reason for the engagement, its imp for me. She requests did you think regarding me, your GF ran far away so you got (1) involved to me, you need to continue the drama so that citizens don’t laugh in me, relations don’t have a cost tag.

She cries. He states I don’t need to argue, you’ll stay here, that’s it. She requests in case I don’t stay afterwards. He states I don’t need to enforce you, however I’ll accomplish it, try in case you think you could go. She deletes the ring & imparts him. He calls the guards & requests them not to open gates for Shayari. Aman stops Shayari & states you’re leaving. She states yes.

He states I really know you’re upset, you’ve the right, I appeal you to conceal the engagement fact from that globe. She states I really know he did the engagement, he chose me because I m poverty-stricken & helpless, rich citizens really know utilizing the poverty-stricken well. Aman states you aren’t helpless, we’re helpless, Rehan had no option than this engagement. She requests why didn’t he await for Natasha.

He states I could’t tell you, he didn’t accomplish it intentionally, we didn’t really know you’re here, everybody felt you’re his own fiancee, Rehan didn’t refuse it, he could be accountable for numerous things, however not this engagement, it has been just a coincidence. She states in case I believe this, even afterwards I could’t let it define my personal life, I’ve no reason to keep this relation, I’ll never support him. He states Rehan is my brother.

She states I m sorry. He states its okay, don’t support him, support me, your anger is justified, our family (4) is now in issue, Rehan’s engagement is the resolution, just you could gain us out of it, you’re Roshni & my responsibility, Roshni is my spouse, give me time, I’ll fix everything afterwards you decide in case you need to keep (or) break the engagement, I won’t block you. He goes.

Tabeezi does the process. Roshni cries thinking of Aman’s words. The baby is getting transferred to Sidra’s womb. Roshni cries & stops the transfer by breaking the thread. The baby gets return to Roshni’s womb.

Tabeezi requests what did you accomplish, Roshni. Rehan sees Shayari within the lawn & states you’re still here, what happened as of now, you couldn’t approach the gate, I really know you aren’t here for me. She requests just how long accomplish I want to stay as your fiancee. He states finally, you’re prepared to deal, 1 week (or) extra, until afterwards this ring must be in your finger, you’ll be made payment for each day.

Roshni cries & states sorry Tabeezi, I could’t accomplish this. Tabeezi requests her not to lose courage. She states I’ll locate some of the different way to defeat kaala jinn. They hear Sidra laughing. He requests Roshni, just how going to Tabeezi defeat me, what’s mine, I’ll take (2) it.

Sidra flies within the air. Roshni & Tabeezi gain stunned. Aman states my singing is bad, I ruled to learn singing for my baby, Sara & Saima habituated to sleep after listening to my song, we’ll pamper the baby a lot.

He sings. Sidra/kaala jinn goes to attack Aman. Roshni stops her & throws her far away. Aman turns to watch. He doesn’t watch anybody. Kaala jinn states you aren’t over an ant for me. Roshni states its our fight, don’t gain Aman in between. He states deal is for Aman’s personal life, you assured to give your 1st child, you broke it, as of now I’ll take (2) Aman’s soul.

Roshni gets stunned. He states tell me, going to you keep the assure (or) not, what accomplish you need, child (or) spouse. Aman comes towards Roshni. Roshni worries & states I’ll keep the assure. Kaala jinn states remember your assure. He goes. Sidra faints. Roshni & Tabeezi inquire her to gain up. Aman comes & states what happened to her.

Tabeezi states we don’t really know, we just had come & saw her senseless. Aman sees the kaala jinn hand mark. He states it means kaala jinn had come here however why. Shayari imagines of Rehan. Rehan gets his own mum’s call. His own mum states congrats for your engagement with Natasha. Rehan states no, she left. She states Farhan left you & as of now Natasha. He states Farhan left you, not me, I’ll gain him back.

He angrily hits a pillar & cries. Shayari imagines where did Mahira go. She sees a person threatening Mahira. Mahira sees Shayari.

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