Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26 March 2023 Episode: Roshni Asks Aman’s Past

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 26 March 2023 Episode Written Update: Roshni Asks Aman’s Past.

The daily episode starts with Roshni asking Aman about his half Jinn and half man past.

Junaid’s past story starts with Junaid lost his wealth and respect in society and decides to do whatever to regain his more wealth and respect.

He went to meet Jinn to take his help to reach his goal. Junaid asks jinn to make him the world’s richest person and in return jinn asked his firstborn child, Junaid accepts the deal.

Junaid goes to Lucknow as per Jinn’s suggestion and marries Rubina.

Rubina’s brother makes Junaid his partner. Junaid took jinn’s help and crashed the plane in which Rubina’s brother and in-law were traveling.

Later Junaid becomes the Nawab of entire wealth. Junaid also tried to kill Rubina’s brother’s child Roshni, he left the child Roshni in the river.

Parvin enters Junaid’s new mahal with family. Parvin thinks Rubina cheated her husband and married him.

Rubina and Parvin’s Mom shoots the jinn in the next promo.


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