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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 28 October 2020 Written Episode, Read Today’s (28-10-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th October 2020 Daily Serial Starts With Vansh & Krishna exchanging their own characters. Vansh states I love Hanuman ji, I desired to becomes Hanuman, Krish & Kairav could also alter the chits. Suwarna states Kartik & Naira gave this idea to be fair.

Akhilesh states you could keep the same characters. Gayu looks on. Kartik states you stated Gayu also had this feeling, don’t worry. They watch Kairav cunning on the field.

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They also lie on the field, within the table. Kairav states I m not sad, I really know you’ll clarify me not to be sad. Kartik states no, we’ll make Krish Raavan & you Ram, is there any issue. Kairav states Krish going to feel bad.

He states so what, you’ll feel great. She states you’ll be glad, right. Kairav states that’s not fair. Kartik states we attempted to make it fair.

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Naira states we’ll say sorry to Krish. She goes & requests accomplish you think this idea going to work. Kartik states everything going to be okay. Surekha states they’ve upset Kairav. Gayu states Vansh isn’t happy. Samarth states this drama happened due to him. She states you don’t accept him.

Manish states I’ll inquire Kartik to rise Krishna, I’ll rise Kairav. Manish requests where is Kairav. Kairav comes acting like Raavan. They smile. Kairav imparts the arrow to Krish. They hug. The children run to play. Kartik states I really know, you worry for Kairav a lot, I assure, I love Kairav a lot.

Naira states no parents could’t be proper, they learn it with their own children. Kartik states we’ve to pay attention to all this children. Naira states we’ve attempted.

Kairav requests them to say the lines. Kartik requests Naira to come. Manish sees Dadi. Naira states we’ve to prepare costumes also. Kirti states I’ll support with it. Kartik requests Gayu to watch makeup & set design.

He states Krish, inquire your dad to come & support you. Naira states I has been so scared, I imagined we’ll becomes bad parents in Kairav’s eyes. Kartik states no. She kisses him. He also kisses her. Kairav comes & requests my kissy?

I’ve obeyed you as a great boy. Kartik states drama king. He hugs Kairav. They kiss Kairav. Kartik states you’ll gain our blessings also.

Naira states you’re globe’s finest son. Kartik states you all the time amaze us. Kairav laughs aloud as Raavan. Naira states quite great. Kartik requests Naira to hear it. He goes. Kairav laughs. Naira states keep practising, I’ll gain Kartik.

The children practise. Kartik holds Naira. They romance. Dilon ke mohalle….plays…. Naksh comes & collides with Kirti. He holds her. Kartik & Naira sign every different. Naksh states I got cupcakes. Children run with the packet.

Krish hugs Naksh. Naksh requests why did you call me when there is everybody. Krish requests didn’t you need to come. Naksh states its not like that, that role are you playing. Krish states Ram, he loved his own entire family a lot, he went to live in jungle to keep his own assure.

Naira requests Naksh to support Krish. She requests Kirti to support Krishna. Naksh reads the lines for Krish. Kirti reads the lines for Krishna. They watch every different. Naksh goes far away.

Naira stops him. She states I want to talk to you, did you think regarding you & Kirti. Naksh states don’t expect anything from me. Kairav falls down. Everybody worries. Krishna laughs. Kartik & Naira scold Krishna.

They inquire Krishna to say sorry. Krishna states sorry. Dadi & Surekha are with baby. Surekha states I m quite happy to watch my nice grandchild, Akshara is Bhagya lakshmi. Surekha states Kairav fallen down awhile practising.

He has been upset, Krishna laughed in him. Dadi requests just how dare she. Surekha states cool down, don’t gain angry, its Kanya puja tomorrow, shall I call 7 ladies, we’ve 2 ladies in house, Akshara & Krishna.

Its in the morning, Suwarna states Akshara looks Devi. Dadi states we shall begin with baby’s blessings. Everybody touches baby’s ft. Kirti states ladies’ puja is finished today. Krishna requests why didn’t anybody accomplish my puja, sorry. She stops the boys. She states ladies are Kanchak, boys are monkeys.

Vansh states its unfair. Krishna states ladies are great, boys are useless. Dadi requests why accomplish you problem boys, we’ll accomplish their own puja also. She requests Krishna to sit in her place. Krish states you’re scolding a lady today.

The entire family does Kanya puja. Krishna also sits with the boys. Dadi makes a face seeing Krishna. Kartik requests Naira to alter baby’s dress, Gota would be hurting her.

Naira states I won’t alter it. She states I could’t manage her as of now. Manish states give her to us, we’ll handle her. Suwarna states in case Manish stays awake, I’ll gain a break from his own snoring. Naira smiles. Manish states I’ll keep her for sometime. Naira states okay, put her within the crib for sometime.

Manish maintains the baby. They go on Dadi’s call. Krishna sees baby & takes her. She states what shall I accomplish as of now. She puts the baby on the floor & states I’ll call Naira. Dadi shouts. She goes & takes the baby. Krishna states baby has been going to cry.

Dadi requests why did you put her on the floor, her head is tender. Krishna states I’ve put her gradually. Naira requests why did you keep her there. Dadi requests her to watch Krishna. She states I’ll handle the baby as of now.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 28th October 2020 / (28-10-2020)

First episode date: 12 January 2009
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 3,192
Directed by: Romesh Kalra, Rishi Mandial, Ram Pandey
Networks: Star Plus, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Star Plus: (IST)
Star Plus HD: (IST)
09:30 Pm to 10:00 Pm
Star Plus HD: 09:30 Pm to 10:00 Pm
Star Plus: 09:30 Pm to 10:00 Pm

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) Cast:

  • Sehban Azim
  • Reem Shaikh

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