Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th September 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th September 2022 Full Episode Written Update

Kuhu becomes jealous of watching the family performing Mishti’s “Godh Bharai” (baby shower) ritual & yells that she always destroys her happiness & today she dragged the whole family with her.

Badima tries to calm her, however, she continues. Kunal tries to clam her down, however, she doesn’t stop. Abir states it has been his idea.

Kuhu continues that Mishti snatches all her happiness & even today she must keep her stash, her gifts, and so on. Meenakshi threatens her to block it. Jasmeet imparts her water & requests her to calm down.

Kuhu continues. Abir requests her to blame him & not Mishti, she’s carrying baby, however baby is Mishti’s & he’s right to celebrate his own spouse’s baby shower ceremony. Kuhu doesn’t listen & continues panicking & holds her stomach.

Kunal takes her in caveat Abir that Kuhu is wound due to his own act. The doctor checks Kuhu & suggests family keep her tension-free, else it’s not great for the baby. Badimaa consoles Kuhu & Mishti & leaves.

Mishti requests Kuhu in case she must gain milkshake for her. Kunal states its okay, after what happened today he can’t trust Mishti. Abir moves in & requests just how could he say that, even he knows that Kuhu is overreacting.

Kunal states Kuhu gave a big sacrifice for them, however, they take (2) her for granted, from hereon he’s freeing them from Kuhu’s responsibilities & himself going to take (2) care of Kuhu.

Abir in his own room informs Mishti it’s not okay, Kuhu is overreacting, he wanted to adopt baby, however Kunal & Kuhu demanded surrogacy; he has been always over surrogacy knowing of implications, however they didn’t listen & as of now Kuhu feels insecure & blaming Mishti & even Kunal is backing Kuhu.

Mishti shuts her ears. He states even she’s not hearing him like Kunal & Kuhu. She makes him hear her heartbeat. He worried states its fast, must he call the doctor.

She states he’s a fool not to know her emotions, she’s thanking him for the happiness he gave her today, she actually felt that she’s becoming a mom.

They both excitedly debate their own schedules for baby, Abir states he’ll take (2) baby to the temple as he did for his own niece, and so on. He afterward gets a call & goes aside, leaving Mishti smiling.

Jasmeet calls Kuhu & requests in case she’s fine. Kuhu states she’s fine. Jasmeet requests not to worry. Mishti moves in, Jasmeet maintains her phone on. Mishti apologizes to her for today’s event & appeals her to check Balgopal temple with family (4) for baby’s sake.

Kuhu yells in her & shuts door. Jasmeet states she spoke rudely to Meenakshi & must be careful as she’d be residing with Meenakshi after delivery. Kuhu states she knows what to accomplish.

Meenakshi sees Abir sad & reminiscing Kuhu’s drama imagines she could bear her son’s anger, however not his own sadness.

In kitchen, Mishti expresses worry to Maasi. Maasi hopes Kuhu agrees to check the temple. Mishti hopes everything goes well shortly. Kunal listens to them & moves in. Mishti states she equipped Kuhu’s favourite dal & serves dinner to the family.

Meenakshi on dinner table reports Kunal & Abir that their own manager Mr. Kedia named & they both want to check factory tomorrow. Kuhu moves in & apologizes Mishti for her misbehavior & overreaction & requests in case they could check Balgopal mandir tomorrow, she’ll handle family in a hotel about the temple.

Family (4) gets happy hearing that. Kuhu feels baby kicking & maami appeals to let her feel that. Abir also feels baby kicking & informs Meenakshi that he’ll check factory tomorrow.

Kuhu states she’ll be baby’s Devaki maa & Mishti Yashoda maa. Abir states both stories are various, Mishti is baby’s real mom here

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