Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th January 2024 Episode Update: Shekhawat Tries to Kill Shan

Asmita claims to Shan a part of your play. Are you trying to establish that Shekhawat is a guy that is terrible? You are a liar. Shan says that my time is. I will prove he is. When I understand he is, I will not abandon my wife and daughter.

Asmita states, daughter and wife? Have you got any shame? Asmita states this will not get us anywhere. Stop living a lie. Asmita is held by shan.

He says that you think about me wrong and him right? Can I make a story that is fictitious? Since I know you can do anything to prove yourself, Asmita says.

Shan says until I introduce Shekhawat, I will not leave this house. Akira and I will not wed. I will not marry anybody. I’ve got 24 hours.

Shekhawat provides money. Does he say that you know what to do? The goon states that my success rate is 100%. Shekhawat says Shan, I compose destiny. Your passing notice has been composed by me.

You’ll die before your friend’s involvement. Mamo states I knew you’d do anything like this and comes there. Please do not colour your hands with the murder of someone. Please do not do this. Shekhawat says should you tell anybody anything, you will be killed by me until he.

I really do what I need. I’m not here for your lecture. You are my caretaker, not Shan’s. As I say, do. He moves inside. Mamo cries.

She states his thoughts is lost by him. He wishes to kill Shan. Imagine if it destroys the life of Akira? Please, God.

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Everything is prepared for engagement the morning after. Shekhawat says everything ought to be perfect. It is my sister’s participation. Sarpal comes there. He is hugged by Akira. He states sorry I got.

Her presents are given by sarpal. Where is my buddy Shan, he states? Asmita is shocked. Sarpal says what occurred last night was incorrect. Akira explained everything. Shan should not have done this.

I apologize to you. Where’s Shan? Akira says he is in his area. Sarpal says I’ll speak to him. Akira stands on the doorway. Shan comes facing Akira as Shan and Sarpal on by a single and changes. Sarpal states did you do this?

Shan says why did not you inform me Asmita is. Mamo and Shekhawat are there. Asmita includes. Sarpal says I did not know. Why did you mess with Shekhawat? You are a guest.

I appreciate it here and depart. You did incorrectly. Asmita states. He’ll be caught.

Akira says I want to check. Mamo says let them speak. We ought to proceed. The rest should be taken by you. Asmita claims to Shekhawat you ought to rest. He comes within the area. Sarpal is not there.

Shekhawat states where’s Shan? Sarpal states from the restroom. Shekhawat says Shan come out, I must speak to you. The recording of shan claims waits out just like the dog. He leaves in anger. Asmita is smirked in by shan.

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Shekhawat says I maintain the backdoor open. There should not be a mistake. Shan states what did you need to discuss and comes there? That truth is known by me. I understand everything changed.

Who was that girl? Shekhawat says you won’t ever discover that in ages. you agreed there is a girl you have abducted, Shekhawat says. See how you are exposed to me. Your countdown has begun. Shekhawat states. You will be killed tonight by my goons.

The goon comes to the space of Shan and stabs him. Cushions are stabbed by him. Shan takes his knife grasps him. He states that I know who sent you and strikes the goon.

Tell me that you sent you to kill me? He states Shekhawat did. Everybody comes here. Does Shan claim to Asmita? You understand he is. He sent a guy. I must understand his truth.

A girl has been kidnapped by him. I had been awake this goon could have murdered me. Shekhawat strikes the guy and says just how much were you paid by Shan for this play? You will be killed by me.

He states I was paid 5 lacs with this play and also to take your title by Shan. Shan says he is lying. He has never been noticed by me. Shekhawat says to get from here. Asmita is shocked. Shekhawat leaves anger. Asmita claims to Shan it over. Shan states please listen.

Asmita says to get from here. You’ve proved that you are a guy that was disgusting. That guy was paid by you? Get from here. Akira everything will be told by me. I’ll tell her. Please leave. Shan states please listen. Asmita states get out.

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